Mask of Incomprehension (ver. iylv)

Includes unscoped version without waffle eye, of course, as well as other scoped versions.

If you’re wondering, this started as trying to make a non-glassed variant of my mask of conjuring, and naturally evolved from there.

I swear I’m watching too many african grey parrot videos, cause it looks very african grey parrot-y to me once I’ve stepped back and got a good look to it.

Doubt I’ll have time, but I’d love to make an evil toa mangai (not part of Norik’s team) and give her this mask. I’m thinking a Vo-Toa, and make it an interrogator themed metru build, with chain skirt and maybe lots of bright silver. Oh, and call the polearm an “inquisitor pike”.


uhh… if you say so

There are definitely much more kanohi-esqe elements with this one, but some areas like the sharp vents on top would be a razor edge on a physical print. The softer, rounded portions like the transition from nose ridge to forehead are quite nice, and almost looks copied from an official piece.

Keep up the good work!


Only one way to find out. Have someone print it.

But yeah, the top vents… kinda problematic…

Honestly I’m not even sure why I placed it there, oh well. Nothing merging a few vertices can’t fix.

Since you liked the nose ridge so much, I might upload my intermediate process as a bonus file. As I mentioned, it evolved out of a variant of my Mask of Conjuring, so there exists a version where the nose ridge goes down further. I’ll update when I’ve uploaded it as a bonus file.


I don’t get it.

I’m so sorry, I had to make that joke. It’s a great design. I think I like the unscoped one the best. Perhaps you should build an African grey parrot-themed Toa with it instead?


An evil Toa of Sonics, with a hint of red accents? Hmmm… NO CHEWING!
Plus I saw a MOC of someone’s Krakua with a guitar, so that’s an idea (plus both MadMax and 40k have the guitar gun thing).

All I’m saying is, no one has made a flying V inspired weapon yet (the headstock kinda looks like a scythe). TBF, I only played a few hours of Brütal Legends, and I can’t remember much of their designs, so maybe I’m wrong.

Then again, having talons like the piraka/08 makuta feet does mimic bird feet.

I’ll say that I was planning to upscale this piece for my evil inquistor vo-toa, but honestly, I’m tired today. It’s an easy piece to model out (it’s just tracing the silhoutte from photos).

Speaking of parrots, in an off topic discussion…


This is a super cool mask design. It’s rare that I see a fanmade Kanohi that matches the undefinable “Kanohi design language”, but this definitely fits it in my eyes. I also like the scope option.

However, I can’t really see it as a Mask of Incomprehension. The original mask has a very iconic “jaw” design, and the “fins” out the back also help define the shape. I’m not really seeing either feature here.

Even if the power doesn’t really match, though, this is still one of the best custom Kanohi designs I’ve seen in terms of shape.


UPDATE TO EMERGENCY UPDATE: The fixed mesh is now up on Thingiverse. Redownload it if you have prior to 13th Sept 2023. Also, I need help with creating a mask pack.

EDIT: Fix at the bottom of this thread. Also

I mean, it’s always up to (re-)interpretion.

Suppose it was up to you to design its mask power, what would you say is it’s power?

Left is KhingK’s definitive version, and right is my heterodox version. I suppose the fact that I have to annotate it means it really is a different design.

Admittedly, the yin-yang looking indents on the jaw are inspired gothic motifs like this, cause we need more gothic (and art noveau) inspiration in Bionicle. The toa Metru are practically all art deco / streamline moderne designs (especially the Mahiki), so why not other styles.