Mask of Infurno

Here my mask of infurno… if anyone asks about the white at the bottom its meant to represent steam and I may have been running out of red and orange parts :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll probably get better pics tommorow but for now thats all I got :stuck_out_tongue:
Got better pick but I need a better name something that combines swords and lava because everyone thinks its a sword lol


Inb4 HF Furno references

Nice mask BTW

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Reminds me of Turaga Vakama’s mask for some reason.

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I can see it

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Very huna like.

That is… a really long mask.


Maybe you should upload this to the #BionicleMaskMaker challenge.

Going to but need better lighting and me actually wearing it!

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Got a new pic up and I need a new name!