Mask of Life's color?

Hi Greg F., longtime fan here. I had no idea this sort of forum existed and your answers have made my day.

However, one thing has bothered me about the Mask of Life for a while. I remember reading somewhere (perhaps in a book or on the website at some point?) that the Kanohi Ignika was originally gold, but that it would turn silver and eventually black (possibly as Mata Nui died?). We saw the Ignika turn silver at some point before Toa Ignika formed, but were there any plans for the mask to turn black? Otherwise why was this detail even written?


It might have been a way to justify Toa Ignika’s color scheme maybe.

No, because had it turned black, it would have ended all life in the Matoran universe.


Makes sense. Thank you for answering!

Yeah, I was thinking more about the choice of color, not what the color itself meant :wink:.

Well, like I said for story reasons we were not going to have it turn black, and there were no plans to put it out in plastic in black.


There’s more detail on Biosector if you want to take a look.

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