Mask of Overdrive

This mask grants the wearer a very destructive ability to overdrive the functions of an opponent’s body. It emits waves which go through the victim to the brain, which cause the body to overdo itself, making the victim go into a weakened state.

A 2nd entry into the Mask Maker contest over on FaceBook.

General front view

A better view of the top of the forehead.

A photo of me wearing it.

Best of luck to everyone entering the contest!


It seems to be majorly made from technic, with little CCBS as far as I can tell...looks great though!

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There's actually quite a lot of CCBS in it. The CCBS is used to make the straps, which lets me wear it, and they also make up the frame of the mask itself, which allowed me to flex and contort it in ways to get certain shapes.

Thank you for the comment!


My mask was either just not very good or Lego hasn't seen it yet...

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Most impractical power ever! Yet this mask looks freaking amazing. And I have to say: I can imagine Lego making this mask.

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Not really. The effects take immediate effect. It's like, the moment someone puts it on, the waves emit and before the opponent even knows it, they're on the ground gasping for air trying to survive. It's actually quite an overpowered mask tbh :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!

It might not of gotten any seals. My other mask didn't get any seals, so it wasn't mentioned :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That's how it goes, I guess. Still, hopefully it does get noticed!

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This is pretty amazing looking! Good job! I really like the shaping you got all around. :smile:

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A Valid point indeed, but what about enemies like Lariska? Enemies that either know ahead of time or do research right before the battle.

Who's to say the wearer takes off their mask willingly?

But if you must ask, they might have the upper hand, if they get it away from the person trying to use it.

Thank you!


Love the shaping of it

Reminds me of transformers. Very nice