Mask of Possibilities = 2015 Gali mask?

Hey guys. I just noticed that the mask of Possibilities a.k.a. the mask Toa Nikila wore, looks a lot like the 2015 Gali mask. Any thoughts?

If I recall correctly, Nikila’s design was fan made, I don’t think it has any relation, and in the concepts you could see the 2015 masks were based on previus masks


But Gali 2015’s mask was clearly inspired by this bootleg. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t really have an opinion on the Mask of Possibilities. Didn’t know it was a thing before some late night BS01 browsing. :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe this is correct.

It looks like the whole set was based on the knock-off. It has the same general shape, a similar weapon held in the same hand, and even shares the idea of having a glowing mask on the box art.

If Lego rips off a ripoff of Lego, who’s design is it?