Mask of Radiation (Bionicle Mask Maker Contest)

Figured you guys like MOCs, so might as well show you one of a mask I built for #BionicleMaskMaker.

BionicleMaskMakerEntry1 015png by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr

Bionicle Mask Maker entry: Mask of Radiation. Gives the user control over radioactive materials, and gives the user enhanced immunity from radioactive substances.

Recipient of all three of Ekimu’s seals (too lazy to link evidence :P)

An early WIP that looked nothing like the final version but used the mask as a foundation for the rest of the build

Mask of Radiation WIP by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr

Tune in for more MOC’s soon!


I love that mask, it kinda looks like a gas mask, which makes sense.

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It looks great! I love how those trans wing pieces in conjunction with those funnel pieces near the back give it a nice swept back look. Though things get a little jumbled near the cheek and forehead area…

Love the whole gas mask vibe it gives off with the mouth area and the trans lime green really screams radiation.

These are amazing you have a lot talent