Mask of Slumber (work of first mask maker)

Kanohi name: Son
Kanohi power: [broken] Slumber, [full] Sleep
Desc.: This was first mask ever created by mask makers.
It was created to allow Villagers of jungle tribe pass threw dangerous parts of Great Jungle, sadly, just after final touches, left part of the mask was cut off. Mask maker tried to repair it, but all of that was meaningless. Jungle tribe mask-maker was later found in the Great Jungle with body full of bites caused by flesh beetles (probably he was trying out repired mask)

Opinions about story are appreciated!


It makes people sleep.
Some dude made it, he’s dead now.
The end.


The mask,while having a pretty simple design,looks pretty cool.
Story is pretty nice,too.

I’m more interested in what those look like tbh.

You will see…

IMO the mask looks good, but more detail could make it look amazing. For example, making the line where the mask broke a little more jagged could look cool.


Soo not realy

Simplecity Is casused by it being basicaly an prototype mask (and such, one day they might remake the mask)

Ahhh. Okay, that makes sense!