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The Mask of Time plays a vital role in Brickonicle Y1’s story, acting as the “Macguffin” for this season.

I have questions about the Mask of Time that I’m not sure have been answered (please correct me if I’m wrong, but tell me where these answers are via link):

  1. Did the Three Brothers create the Mask of Time? If not, who?
  2. Why was the Mask of Time created? What is its true purpose, outside of freezing the island of Artakha?
  3. Since it is a mask, it was meant to be worn. Who was supposed to be the mask-bearer?
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  1. yes they did.
  2. I have no idea
  3. The three brothers were meant to ware it

These might be wrong but the story Bible is coming soon so you could just look it up


I know the mask is one of a few. I believe Creation and Control are grouped with it. They are meant to be worn by the brothers and not Matoran/Toa (lesser beings). That’s why the MoT backfired when the Rahkshi used it, and why the Toa don’t have full control with it either (it shatters after they use it).


I know that part, but here’s what I don’t get: Ekimu has the Mask of Creation (it is his alone), Makuta has the Mask of Control (it is his alone), Karzahni (who is a secret character for now) has the Mask of Alternate Futures (it is his alone), yet the Mask of Time (which is equally powerful) is shared amongst them. If they wanted equal power over time, why not make three time masks with equal power?

This is totally non-canon, but it might work:
Long ago the three brothers created a mask. A mask so powerful that one single brother could not make it withouut destroying their masks in the process. So the brothers united to create the Kanohi Vahi – the mask of Time. Doing this drained their power, but their unity decreased how permanent this defect would be. Another mask of time would would kill one of them, if not all.

Does that make any sense?

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Ok, so the Mask of Time is the most powerful mask in existence. I can see that.

It takes all the Brothers’ power to make this specific mask, but here’s something that bothers me: if it takes the power of all three to make it, and only one of the three can wield it at a time (which means whichever of the Brothers wears it automatically becomes the strongest):

How would the Toa defeat them (excluding Karzahni)?

According to what you said, the Mask of Time has almost all the raw power of the Three Brothers imbued into it. That means the Mask of Time alone is almost as strong, if not equally strong, as the Three Brothers.

I’m assuming the Brothers regenerated their power after the mask was created, meaning the Three Brothers+Mask of Time would be worth roughly six Brothers.

If even one of the Brothers has access to the Mask of Time, they should automatically win (via time manipulation, slow motion, etc.). Did they lose it at some point? Or did the Toa take the mask and use it to defeat them? If so, how did the Toa take it?

However: I have one idea as to how the Three Brothers were defeated, step-by-step (I know Karzahni was out of the picture, but still):

  1. The power of the Three Brothers is tied directly to the Mask of Time after it is created. If the Mask is shattered, the Brothers are defeated.
  2. The First Toa are created and told how important the Mask of Time is by the Elemental Gods (Nuva).
  3. The Mask is stolen by the Toa (somehow).
  4. The Mask is shattered, severing the Brothers and their source of power.
  5. The Three Brothers are defeated.

Here’s how Makuta could be revived:

  1. The Rahkshi gather the fragments and freeze the island (mutation follows). Power begins to slowly return to Makuta.
  2. The Toa are summoned.
  3. Hijinks ensues.
  4. The Rahkshi are beaten.
  5. The Toa release all the power from the Mask of Time, undoing all its effects and destroying it forever.
  6. Makuta regains all of his power.

Long ago, Karzahni was the one who had the Vahi, but he is not as wise as the others. He overuses/misuses the mask and he goes insane. He stopped talking to the other brothers shortly after. In time, the first toa come, and coax Karzahni into giving them the Vahi. They then use it to defeat the brothers.

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According to the TTV, Ekimu and Makuta locked Karzahni away because he went insane. If they did, I’m not sure if they would leave the most powerful object in the universe with what equates to the Joker.

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Yeah thats a problem…
Karzahni goes insane and the other brothers lock him away. But the true purpose of doing that is to protect the mask of time! Karzahni cannot access the mask because he is locked in a state too big for him to sneak through! The first Toa battle Karzahni and are trapped in time, but one of the toa breaks free and unfreezes the others with the Vahi.

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Going with the step-by-step plan I have for the first Toa, that actually fits well. It combines both steps 3 and 4, since only the Brothers are capable of using it properly. Because lesser beings are incapable of fully controlling the power of the Mask of Time (ex: Rahkshi, current Toa), unfreezing the First Toa could cause the mask to be shattered, which weakens the Brothers to the point of defeat.

One issue: Karzahni is supposed to be completely hidden away. No Matoran know he exists.

Insert cliché excuse

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I know the comment is hidden, but it works :laughing:

Then the Nuva told the Toa where Karzahni was lol

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Can’t work. According to TTV Canon, the Nuva were created AFTER the Matoran, which means they wouldn’t know about Karzahni either. This is why I want the Nuva to be made before the Matoran.


I still don’t think that makes sense. That’s one of the details I’d like to hear them explain better.


Preaching to the choir on that one. If the Nuva were made BEFORE, that would pretty much close that plot-hole, as well as open up more of the lore.

Edit: This thread might be a possible solution, depending on what the TTV thinks of it.


What if the Vahi was Mata Nui’s mask before the brothers put him to sleep? Mata Nui would have been quite powerful and maybe not all of his power could be contained in three masks thus the brothers would keep his mask. The Vahi could be keeping Mata Nui alive and Anonna imprisoned; each time the mask is destroyed, Mata Nui grows closer to death and Anonna to freedom.


Sir, I like you style :sunglasses:! Another possible solution, and I think it’s my favorite!