Mask Powers in Games

Most of us know the Kanohi Masks very well, along with their powers in the BIonicle Universe. But how does that translate to Video games? If you were designing the Perfect Bionicle Game how would you program the masks?

Post your ideas below. If you like a mask function in an existing game go ahead and talk about it.

Personally, I would try to give every mask a passive and active ability. A Passive ability is a buff that’s on all the time, where as an active ability has to been turned on and off or can only be used for a limited time.

HAU - Great mask of Shielding
Passive - Increases players defense
Active - Creates a temporary shield or a shield in front of player

PAKARI - Great mask of Strength
Passive - Increases players Attack
Active - Allows player to move heavy objects

KAKAMA - Great mask of Speed
Passive - Increases players speed
Active - Allows player to use a limited “Run Mode”

MIRU - Great mask of Levitation
Passive - Decreases fall damage and increases player’s jump
Active - Allows player to glide or use a “slow-fall”

KAUKAU - Great mask of Underwater Breathing
Passive - Allows player to breath underwater or increases breath time.
Active - (doesn’t really have one)

AKAKU - Great mask of X-Ray Vision
Passive - Allows player to see characters in his mini-map
Active - Allows player to see through walls and use a zoom option


  • Has the powers of all Great and noble masks.

(NOTE: I tried to make the Kanohi Nuva masks significantly more powerful to make up for the loss of the Golden Kanohi. Also, if the game is multi-playered, Nuva mask powers are allowed to be shared between a company or players near by.)

HAU NUVA - Nuva mask of Shielding
Passive - Increased defense significantly
Active - creates a powerful shield

PAKARI NUVA - Nuva mask of Strength
Passive - Increased Attack significantly
Active - allows player to move even heavier objects

KAKAMA NUVA - Nuva mask of Speed
Passive - Increases Speed
Active - Unlimited Run mode plus faster run mode

MIRU NUVA - Nuva mask of Levitation
Passive - Increases Jump and reduces all fall damage to 0
Active - Allows player to fly or a farther glide

KAUKAU NUVA - Nuva mask of Underwater Breathing
Passive - Unlimited Breath time.

AKAKU NUVA - Nuva mask of X-Ray Vision
Passive - Allows to see character on map
Active - More powerful zoom option

KANOHI VAHI - Legendary mask of Time

  • Allows player to go into and “Acceleration-Mode” were everything else is going in slow motion. (The idea is that the player increases his own time so as to go faster than everyone else.)

This is interesting. The masks would have heavily different play styles, such as whomever has the Akaku would be more prone to sniping , where as the Kakama would give rise to more scouts and recon people.

I dunno about the Vahi though, because for something like multiplayer it’d be extremely difficult to do that. You might just have to give everyone else a kind of slowness debuff or something. Also a cooldown after use for all the masks would help in balancing.

It seems like the Nuva masks and the Vahi with their unlimited factors would need some extremely hard way to unlock said masks.


I’m working on a Turn-based strategy game for my future BIONICLE sets right now, as a matter of fact. In one of the early stages when masks had non-elemental powers, my list was this:

HAU: Gives the user one block (defense against enemy attack, melee or ranged.)

KAUKAU: Gives the user resistance to water attacks, and gives them a special attack in which they can build up water levels in opponents to fatal levels.

MIRU: After being launched into the air, wearer can hover. Useful for “high ground” bonuses that boost attack, or for bypassing obstacles on the ground.

KAKAMA: Doubles user’s speed.

PAKARI: Adds to user’s strength.

AKAKU: Allows user to see enemy weakpoints, giving them an increased chance of critical hits.

The Nuva versions allow the wearer to transmit his or her mask abilities to teammates. The power cost is on the user.


Hau- Mask of shielding
Effects: Shield appears in front of user
Nuva: Shield surrounds user

Pakari- mask of strength
Effects: allows user to push boulders and carry enemies
Nuva: allows users to carry boulders and throw them at enemies.

Kakama- mask of speed
Effects: increased run and attack speed
Nuva: even higher run speed, practically Hotuko Shinken enemies

Miru- mask of levitation
Effects: increased jump height, gliding
Nuva: straight up flying

Kaukau- mask of underwater breathing
Effects: exactly what it says on the tin
Nuva: exactly what it says on the tin, but underwater-er or something

Akaku-mask of xray
Effects: see only room layout, see nearby enemies on map
Nuva: see collectibles on the map, see everything in room, see all enemies on map

Game would be like TES or something


I only know Faxon out of the non 2001-2003 masks, so I’ll make one for it.
Passive - strength boost
Active - copies powers of nearby rahi

KANOHI FAXON NUVA(If its a thing)
Passive-copies powers of nearby rahi
Active-may use a Book Of Rahi to copy any rahi’s ability.
Let me explain the Book of Rahi. It’s available to Faxon users, and receive upon washing up on shore. Has pictures, names, locations, and brief descriptions of Rahi. Cannot be used until you get the Nuva mask though. I basically imagined some sort of Bionicle Pokémon game though.

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I’ve always imagined the Hau would function like a bubble shield from Halo. Except the user couldn’t leave the shield. Kind of like the Ward of Dawn that Defenders can use in Destiny.


I would change this to:
Passive: Increases breath time
Active: Allows total underwater breathing.

I plan on making a Bionicle fan game (probably a smash clone). We’ll see how they’re represented then.

Hau: Temporary shielding which protects freon long ranged and melee. Requires to charge up again before use.

Kakama: Speed changeable between x2, x5 and x6 however will need to walk/run normal speed to charge up again.

Pakari: Higher brightness (doesn’t need to charge) and dealing more damage to enemies (needs to charge).

Kaukau: Ability to breath underwater (doesn’t need recharge) and ability to swim faster (same effects as Kakama although strictly underwater).

Akaku: Able to freeze enemies for short amounts of time and the ability to zoom in.

Miru: the ability to levitate for small amounts of time but needs to recharge. Also goes 2x as fast when in levitation.

I really like that Idea. I wrote mine that way because I thought the Kaukau might increase breath time and then Kaukau Nuva might allow endless breath time. Or the both Kaukau’s would just let the player breath under water.

@BioRaiders532 Most of my ideas were for a single player game. But I have thought of some ideas for the Vahi in a multi-player game: Slowness on a targeted opponent (like you said). Double opponents cool-down times (that’s a mean one). And increase player’s speed.

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That could potentially work, and always try to make sure my games could work in multiplayer, it’s a thing