Mask Shape and Power?

Hello Mr. Farshtey,

I was curious to know if Kanohi masks could be forged in different shapes and retain the powers of the “traditional” version of the mask.
For example, could a Kanohi Hau be forged to look like a Kanohi Miru and still have the power of shielding?


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Well, it was stated that the Masks of Toa Hagah did not have their original shapes, but rather were forged to resemble the Kanohi Masks of the past heroes.


Answer’s yes. The shape of the mask has nothing at all to do with the power. Traditional shapes are usually adhered to just so a mask wearer can have a good idea of what power he or she is going to get if they put it on. Same way that a Stop sign doesn’t have to be a red and white octagon, but that’s what people expect and they know what it means.