Mask that acts like All for One's ability - Discussion

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Context behind this is simple. Imagine a mask that worked like this-
MHA’s villain All for One has the ability to take powers (“Quirks”) and merge/combine them willy nilly but now translate that ability into a bionicle mask instead.

What would be one of the most absurd, silly, funny, or insane combinations of mask powers you, the person in the comments, could think of?

You may now discuss to hearts content.


The mask of all Powers… A mask that was combined from all existing masks into one single one…

Silly: Kaukau+Miru, conflicting powers make the masks more useless together than they are on their own

Insane: Mask of Accuracy+Olmak: Imagine opening a portal to cut off a limb and always placing the portal perfectly no matter what. Well here you go


Gonna clarify, the mask was not made by using all of the other masks, but instead steals mask powers from other existing masks. Gonna clear this up before confusion starts happening.

Kanohi Calix + Kanohi Komau.

It’s literally the Garry’s Mod physgun. You can make anybody do impossible feats.

Y’know, I once had a similar idea, where the Toa Mahri would semi-revert back into their Inika forms. Their mask powers would be fused together as well. The downside would be that their mask powers would activate simultaneously.

So, everytime Nuparu wanted to go stealth, head be rocketed up in the air; and everytime Kongu tried to read someone’s mind, he’d risk summoning random rahi to attack them.

Though Accuracy + Gravity sounds fun. I’d imagine it would focus gravity to a single point, effectively making miniature black holes.

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Mask of Emulation + Faxon,

You could copy literally everyone’s power, and the Faxon might stabilize Emulation.