Masks and MoCing

So before I really got into the story I'd just put whatever head with whatever mask on my characters so long as it fit the color scheme. I pretty much was exclusively using Glatorian heads at this stage, only using MU masks when I felt it fit better.

Now that I started following the story really closely back in around '11, I now pay attention to what mask I'm using when creating MoCs. However, how do you normally handle the more esoteric masks such as the Mask of Healing? What masks do you use for those without even a reference picture?


Remember Norik's Kiril that was actually a Pekhui? In Bionicle canon, masks were able to be shaped differently, or like other masks, while still retaining their power. I use that excuse often. stuck_out_tongue


That's what I do! stuck_out_tongue

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Yeah, most of the time, I keep the powers of the Kanohi, but sometimes, I want them to have different powers, like Norik.

I use that excuse for some of my characters with made-up/imageless masks. Other times, I'll use... du dun dun... HF helmets as custom masks.

Blasphemy! stuck_out_tongue I've used the Norik excuse to many time to count.

I want my face to be different

I haven't made too many G1 MOCs yet. But so far I've kept to good old canon masks and powers. #FilthyCasual


I honestly prefer to make up my own masks and powers, but I'm not against using normal masks either.

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Nah, just kidding.

In all actuality I stand right about...

here. Yeah, sounds right.