masks of power?

could I have a step by step tutorial to download this amazing game? thanks

I don’t think it’s around anymore. I’d consider you lucky if you manage to find a bootleg version

Yea it was annihilated from the appstore when sales gone down the drain…drain…

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If you’re on android, there’s plenty of places you can download it online, just search for the apk, and run it, your phone will do the rest. Be warned, most of these sites are not at all safe and may give you viruses, but that’s the risk we take for old, unlisted games.

Reading these replies are making me rather confused, because as far as I can tell, Mask of Power is a free game, and is still available — Team Kanohi promoted the game on Twitter just last week. I can’t find any information about it being removed from the internet.

I think people are getting masks of power mixed up with the Mask Of Control game


Oh. im sorry. Thought you were talking about official stuff, not the fan game. Hoping it finally comes out on steam.


There are instructions and links to download the game here: Bionicle: Masks of Power [Legacy] by Jocool1231