Master Of Fur

Basicaly everyone is making Gen2 versions of Gen1 selfmocs, so since i STILL dont have new sets (becouse germany is close, but poland is not) heres an idea i have!


When you make this as a moc how do you plan to make the mask?

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You should use that one wolf mask from HF. I think it was 2.0 or whatever? I'm not sure.
That could actually be pretty cool to see on a MOC, seeing as people barely ever use HF masks.

Edit- Scar posted a pic. So yeah. I said it first.

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If you plan on making this as a mask the best option is probably from the Ultra Build CHI Panthar

Or this;


@Studentscissors @Risebell

On making masters mask options three are ...mhhhm (bad yoda impression) 1. Try sculpting 2. Use hf bulks mask (i would need to buy set of someone aswell as getting) 3. Abbadon gen1 OC's colours and change them to use dark azure (and gali kaukau mask v2)

Also sorry for this wierd angle, but i orginaly planned to draw only head, and the all escalated


I would buy into that.

Although fur may not make a great element....

Fur + kanohi volpix (non canon mask of improved agility) is great!


New Version!


This looks cool.

I highly suggest using Savage Planet Bulk's helmet if you haven't already.

Cough, 1: i dont have set
2: my imagination is good enaugh to see that this custom head id 10 thousand percent better is both terms,

Well, I cant please all!

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Ok, bit of sn update, i thought to myself "lets do an mini-titan moc using trans red hau!" After short time of planning colour scheme Ive sad to myself "wait... i like new hau... and realy looks like it has small ears!". Thats how i came up with me Gen2 self-moc idea! Well, i still need to buy like couple "Protectors of Ice' and "..of Fire"

But first i need to get some pieces and.... i think thats all... I need new eyestalk in trans Yellow crying_cat_face

This is really cool.