Master of Time

Just a Toa of Time moc:


Hmm… Those things on the knees are really weird and distracting, and the colors could be a bit better distributed.

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Man, this is awesome. I’m not usually a fan of the Vahi, but it looks great on this build.
The wrist mounted “time device” reminds me of one of the power rangers morphers, but which one escapes me right now.
Great job :+1:

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uhh man Im lovin’ it

the worst thing I would say is some of the color choices, for example, the orange claw on the clock, the “skirt” is also a little bit weird, but I dont know how you could have made that better

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I am amazed at this great job

I don’t mind the color scheme and the build is grand-
Some con’s are some stuff jutting out (knee pipe, half pin on the chest,etc) and unfitting kilt design.

I really like the Samurai vibes he gives off.

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soooo cool!

The kilt looks odd and should cover the front of the waist at least. Also the erratic color scheme caused by the blue and red pins and the odd choice of an orange sword doesn’t work well. Otherwise great job on this.

the sword’s sheath is huge,but overall this is really cool

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Looks pretty neat just standing there, but that last pose looks a little awkward. Otherwise looks great.

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@BBricks Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, there was not much I could do about the red axles and blue pins–my supply of those in black was running pretty low.

@ThatchMac Thanks for the feedback! Yup, the poseability of this guy isn’t great, he was mostly just designed for display. However, he can crack a good sitting pose: Master of Time | rockmonster 2000 | Flickr

@Boxxer Thank you!

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This is intriguing.

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I really like this MOCing style @rockmonster2000 …would be a pain to get all the pieces that he uses for his MOC. He uses a lot of small parts, sometimes hard to find parts on Bricklink. Due to using said small pieces, I bet the build is not the most stable of builds, as oppose to something that @LoganMcOwen would make. This MOC reminds me of what @MrBoltTron would do, which I find to be a large compliment.

Now thats how you use the Vahi a good way

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Lovin’ it, very samurai-y.

Great job.

Looks really cool, but it could benefit from some more gold.


Cool looking MoC.

This thing is amazing. Nothing more to say. 10/10

Love the samurai-like elements you added to the moc. Could’ve added a bit more gold though, and the knees could use some fixing.