Master Oogway


Made this a few months ago to try and get back into landscaping/castle stuff. Not perfect but as a first attempt in about 2 years I think I did a decent job. I’m working on a landscape/castle type MOC right now and it’s already turning out better than this so hopefully this’ll be a low point from here on out.

Biggest thing I need to work on are trees but it turned out ok enough here.

Also minor technical difficulty with the background. Originally wanted a slight gradient but compression made it look crappy on flickr. Also meant the file size went down by a few megabytes.


I wish I could like this a few more times. I don’t think I’ve seen somebody make Lego clouds before, but these look great.


the part when he turns into flower petals almost made me cry

Stop being so humble you’re making me jealous
For reals though this thing is amazing. The clouds were executed perfectly and the pieces work amazingly. The color distribution is so amazing and well spaced so that’s another plus. The shaping of the mountains and tree is also amazing. Overall this moc is all I could’ve hoped for, don’t sell yourself short.

Might’ve been because the area where Oogway stands was a mess as of 48 hours ago, the tree can look a fair bit messier from some angles, and the clouds were a last minute addition. All that is probably swaying my perception a fair bit. Admittedly I am quite happy with my compositing here so there’s that.


Oogway ascends starts playing in head

This is beautiful and from one of my favorite movies. =’]

Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting!:astonished:

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Did you just make a kungfu panda moc?


Dang, this is fantastic.