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I draw. Here are some of them.
Early 1st draft of a Vold Walker(Middlefingerstudios)

New version of the Vold Walker(Middlefingerstudios)

Vold walker(Middlefingerstudios) @Middlefingerstudios vs Arc Ranger Cj

My Abyssal Champian

Teddy Tivlu, like the bear for my picture

The Blackness

What do you think? I’ll upload some more later


I like the Void Walker and the VS fight best :3

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Oh gesh des desirns sho beutifal 99/1

I feel the need to mention my VoidWalkers


Read the linked topic I explain it there.

Ok I finished. What I do get is your first post. the (post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged) What’s up with that is my question

When you delete a post on this site it takes 24 hours to fade away so you have a chance to keep it if you want it.

OH!!! so how do I keep it. Just in case someone might want to join but it fades. I have to flag it right?

I never tried to keep my deleted post so I can’t help you there.

Here are some more

And my animation


oh hey I remember this stuff, still looks awesome :smile:


Awesome stuff man!

You are a great artist! I wish I could be this good. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Middlefingerstudios Thanks buddy

@RaptorTalon Thanks dude

Edited for Double Post - Waj

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Just a friendly reminder I (And most of the boards) think you should fix the double post.
All you need to do is use the @ symbol to say who you are talking to.


Ah understood @Xevins

I didn’t see that planet before, is that new or was it made a while ago?

A while ago @Middlefingerstudios

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