Master's Mask Chapter 2

I was bored so I decided to post the second chapter of my story.

##Master’s Mask Chapter 2

Silver Speed awoke with a start. He flipped over and got up, seeing nothing but sand and dunes. No others were nearby, and the two-legger village was nowhere to be seen. Silver Speed had no idea where he was. I need to get back to Master! He thought. Looking around, he chose a direction at random, and scurried off. Eventually, Silver Speed could make out tall white spikes in the distance. Silver Speed, tired and weary, made it to the white spikes within the day. He saw tall white spikes everywhere, and white rain falling on the ground. I must be in the big white field! He thought. Silver Speed, knowing nothing about the island, set off into the white field believing it led to Master. Silver Speed wasn’t used to crawling around the white spikes, and got totally lost. He also found it difficult to crawl in the white rain on the ground.

Suddenly, Silver Speed began to hear loud noises behind him. CRUNCH CRUNCH. Turning around, Silver Speed saw Two-leggers on a pile of white rain. One of the Two-leggers jumped onto the ground, nearby Silver Speed. That Two-legger is huge! Is it magic? The huge Two-legger put his hand out, and the white spikes and white rain went away. It IS magic! Fearfully, Silver Speed scurried away, too afraid to think about being silent. Tumbling through the white rain, Silver Speed found himself in front of a tower of stone. Does this lead to Master? he thought, as he began crawling up it.