Mata Master mix contest!

Ok so with Bionicles return so so close I've decided to host a little contest. Sadly theirs no prizes unless someone want's a how to but I hope that won't stop you from entering for the fun of it. So onto the actual contest.

The idea of the contest is to make a mix between the original Toa Mata and the new Masters.
You can make any of the 01 Toa. Although it's not against the rules to make Omega Tahu it is no advised because I t may not be as likely to win due to the fact there are already so many of them but any way onto the rules!

1) The build must use the original colour scheme, but you can add one colour. like gold to Tahu or Pohatu.(Sliver can be used as grey and gunmetal as light grey)

2) The Toa must obviously be drawing influence from both designs. No making a Mata lewa then giving him two axes.

3) The deadline is January 31st meaning you should have the new sets by than and you get bonus marks for having the Toa look good wearing either of the masks.

So that's about it Goodluck!

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I can't get all the sets until january, cuz I am european... But I really want to join.

You don't really need the sets to join. and if you have the sets by January you'll have a month to build if you require the sets

Oh freakin' typo, I meant February...

oh ok that makes more sense.

I've been considering mixtures of the Masters and the Mata for a while now, so I should be good.

Even though I don't own any Mata...

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Neither do I... Well I kind off have kopaka just with a gold mask and no white one...

Felt like giving a bit of a refrence for what a Mata-Master mix looks like so here's my Kopaka Mataster of Ice!

(This isn't the best reference because he looks to Mata like and not enough Master)

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So whoever's participating in this contest how are the Toa coming along?
(This is a double post so that it will appear in peoples unread boxes so they will be aware of it)

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Don't worry. "Update"-style double posts are permitted (especially since this is a Creative Content topic).