Mata May Daily Toa

About a year ago I was inspired to make MOCs based on the Mata build, including unusual color schemes and new/combination elements. I received further inspiration from the Youtube channel Nuparu’s Workshop and the release of the 2000 Bionicle Story Bible and its elaboration of the original mythic version of the story. Most of my builds aren’t as inventive in build and story as others will be.

Day 1: Ramankau

Legend: Ramankau is the spirit of forests, whose trees reach into the domain of Lewa. Unlike Lewa, Ramankau respects the water spirit Gali, for his trees depend on her rain to thrive. He is honored by the Matoran for allowing his trees to be chopped and used for fuel, tools, and building materials.

The Matoran must give proper respect to Ramankau and his gifts, for if they cut too many trees or waste what they’ve harvested he will send rot or forest fires to take away what he has given.

Some believe this judgement was brought upon the inhabitants of Ta-Wahi, creating the Charred Forest, while the Ta-Matoran insist Ramankau encroached on the territory of Mangai and was beaten back by the fire spirit.

Ramankau is a Toa of plantlife adapted to control and live in forests. Like Lewa, Ramankau is most at home in the trees, moving across branches with great speed and agility. His large, dexterous hands provide a firm grip even in strong winds. He carries no tools, making use instead of his great fists or taking nearby branches and reforming them for particular purposes. With his Kanohi Hau, the great mask of shielding, he charges through dense foliage without harm.

On land Ramankau is unsteady on his feet, reaching out to anything or anyone nearby for support or taking a gorilla-like stance. He is displeased with those who carelessly strip bark or tearing branch, though he himself does these things with little thought.

StudIO will be heavily utilized in this series on account of me lacking many of the recolors of the Mata and Turaga masks. Here I have made a change to the feet and color-corrected a finger. Ramankau’s name is derived from the Māori words for tree top. This was the first of my series of Mata builds.

Day 2: Kapiri

Kapiri is a Toa of magnetism. That’s all I’ve got. I forgot to mention but most of my digital builds were deliberately designed to use parts in existing colors.


I really like these so far, it is always cool to see different mata builds.


toa of corn…?


Day 3: Pacanu

A Toa of plasma whose preferred fighting style is charging in swinging with plasma-encapsulated fists. I don’t remember if I had any idea in mind for this color scheme or if I was just doing something different.

Day 4: Lydol

Ninjago Lloyd as a Toa of energy.



Ah yes my favorite element

The green stuff


Day 5: Motara

Motara is a Toa of heat who the island of Mata Nui’s Motara Desert was named after. In legends he is responsible for afflicting intense heat on travelers of his domain and creating mirages, producing a more malevolent reputation than many of the spirits. Po-Matoran belief is divided on whether he is a defender of their land or an attacker sent by Tahu. Based on Motara’s use of heat, the Ta-Matoran conclude he wages war on their behalf in retaliation for some past grievance the Po-Matoran committed.

Day 6: Anawi

A Toa of water equipped for cave environments with a mask of night vision, heavy boots, digging claws, and a pressurized water jet.

I haven’t been able to bend tubes in StudIO, the other end should plug into the backpack axle.

Day 7: Rapuke

A Toa of black ice (ice + earth combo). The club should have the G2 crystal spikes in trans brown, but StudIO unfortunately doesn’t have them.

Day 8: Aurak

A Toa of fire and part of an order of Toa knights.

Day 9: Atay

A Toa of plasma with a speed-focused combat style.

Day 10: Cebel

A Toa of sonics.

Day 11: Thozan

A Toa of coral. One of a couple of builds where my main technique was sticking as many things on it as I relatively cohesively could.

Day 12: Toku

My Bionicle version of the Throwbot Granite as a Toa of stone. Has modified gear setup to move both arms the same direction I came up with independantly from seeing Nuparu’s Workshop do it.

Day 13: Yetai

A Toa of poison.

Day 14: Gunja

The earth member of an order of Toa knights.

Day 15: Beract

A Toa of plantlife specialized in cacti.

Bonus version with non-purist recolor.

Day 16: Ramari

Ramari was a Toa of fire and part of a Toa team located in a city of similar technological advancement to Metru Nui. The circumstances of his creation are unclear, though it seems it was in conjunction with several members of his team and a few others, but his unusual construction has led less kind beings to consider him deformed. His perfectionist team leader, Cytohu, was particularly harsh over his perceived lesser ability. Ramari thus had extreme anger towards everything and displayed destructive tendencies, though Cytohu’s influence kept him in line around his teammates. One of his signature styles of attack was forcefully hurling anything in his view at his targets with his Kanohi Matatu. Ramari was presumably killed during the Great Cataclysm, though he is rumored to still be alive, plotting revenge against Cytohu and all who tormented him.

Ramari (Torch) 2
This model is based on the Throwbot Torch. The misprint Matatu is a bit of a stretch for purism, but I considered it the best fit for the look I was going for.

What do you think of this series so far? Which ones have stood out to you?

Day 17: Waire

Waire is a Toa of glass (fire+stone combo). His tool is based off blowpipes used in glassmaking.

Day 18: Satihu

A ninja-like Toa of gravity with an attempt at a chained weapon using 2001-era parts.


These are looking great.
I love all the different designs


Day 19: Vogiwa and Awaru

These Toa were the Great Beings’ early work in creating the element of lightning by combining air and water. They possess the unique element of Storm, a mixture of those three standard elements. Awaru’s power focuses on air in contrast with Vogiwa’s water. Numerous legends of these two are told on the island of Mata Nui. A common component is they were born from Gali and Lewa’s clashes. Awaru is spirited and energetic, burning brightly before quickly tiring. Vogiwa is fiercer and charges up her anger and power, prolonging her attacks.

Vogiwa is considered the older of the Toa of Storm, representing water and air combined in disunity. She is a chaotic force responsible for sending hurricanes to Mata Nui and making sea travel treacherous with storms. Turaga Nokama warns the Ga-Matoran of Vogiwa to prevent them from sailing too far from the island and becoming lost in the endless sea. In some tales, Vogiwa draws power from her parent’s conflict. Fearing the legend of their cooperation against Makuta, she works to keep them fighting each other in hopes of preventing her brother, Awaru, from being born. She is characterized by anger, spite, and a love of discord.

Awaru is the younger Toa of Storm, representing air and water combined in unity. Whether he is yet to be born or the twin of Vogiwa, he fights his sister over the unity of their parents, wishing to keep them in cooperation. Awaru causes thunderstorms over the island. He is chaotic like his sister, but more adventurous and enthusiastic, recklessly charging in with greater energy than his counterpart.

Awaru was the second Toa in this series I came up with, as the combo of air and water readily came to mind. Vogiwa was added a short while later as an expansion of the mythos inspired by the storm serpent Wojira from Ninjago.

Day 20: Red gravity Toa/Barionk Mata version(?)

In trying to think of a different way to color a Toa of gravity I ended up inspired by/just copying one of Scotttjt’s MOCs.

Day 21: Tugara

Tugara was created as the second Toa of psionics. Her staff can fire energy blasts and aid in recharging her elemental energy. Her Kanohi Miru suits an above-everyone mindset.

Day 22: Haruko

A Toa of ice equipped for frigid depths with Kanohi Kaukau and spiked hammers.