Mata-Nui and Toa Ignika

This is how I have my Mata-nui and Ignika are displayed on my self.
They’re quite basic builds with slightly custom torsos, but I like them.
Just thought I’d share them. :+1:

Toa Ignika


I TOTALLY need to do that for my Mata Nui

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@Jormad Thanks

I really don’t like Mata Nui’s neck.

Love the feet of Mata-Nui. Gives him a height I thought he always needed.

Toa Inika’s my favourite. Don’t know if it’s the pose or the build itself but it makes him look like Onua.

@Toa_Vladin sorry you feel that way, ironically it’s the same way the neck is attached on the 8989 set.
@Power.Mocs Thanks, I always felt he was too short as well. As for ignika, I think it’s the way the head is attached, since the mask is sooo big, giving him a “proper” neck makes him look too spindly. :+1:

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Not so sure about these. However I’m not big on 2009 in general so it might be that.

That Toa Ignika looks great!

Ignika is pretty :ok_hand:

However Mata Nui suffers from monkey arm syndrome and smol hands.

I love Toa Ignika but Mata Nui’s feet look off, there’s also a lack of armouring on the legs, other than that, I love the weapon ans shield designs for both.