Mata Nui Concept Art

I found these super interesting and figured they should be shared. Mata Nui inspired by Denmark? Atkeast I had never seen these. Anyways I hope you find these as sweet an nostalgic as I did. All credit goes to Christian Faber, specifically the first image which was released on the Turaga Files. (Though both are his works to my knowledge.)


funny how it looks more like a face then I remembered now…(Mata Nui the island I mean)


The concept art for Mata Nui the island (Though I think it wasn’t Mata Nui then, as I believe they were still working on it for Doo Heads at the time) is very interesting, but personally I don’t care for the approach he was taking on it at first. I think what he came out with in the end was much better.

I’ve always wondered what that whirl pool was supposed to be there for in the concept though. Any thoughts anyone?


instantly thinks of Mahri Nui and the Bionicle Heroes ending

nope, not a clue

whoa, that first one…

it’s funny cause in the 2008 animations and through the audio story(I think) Mata Nui’s head was either smaller then the island or came out just as the chunks slid


The 2001 drawing of the GSR robot looks awesome.


The second one isn’t actually bionicle

its early voodoo heads concept art

of course, as you can see the main idea was transfered into bionicle.

When I learnt that the GBR (Is that the short form :stuck_out_tongue: ) was planned since the beginning it made me love Bionicle so much more so seeing this is amazing.

Lego doesn’t make mystical islands like they used to.

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Great bigor robit


Correct abbreviation would be GSR
Great Spirit Robot


Water draining into the robot maybe?


If that much water was draining in to Metru Nui, it would have become Marhi Nui in not much time :P.


Should’ve known it would be spirit not being… :stuck_out_tongue:

Huh. Thats interesting.

I find this…amazing…

ey I found something


Here’s a topic I started couple of years ago, it’s a collection of concept art and such I’ve found online. Of course, you could always check out the Biomedia Project which collects these sort of things as well as the old games/comics/animation/etc.