Mata-Nui Rahi Expansion

Hey everyone, I make rahi in the style of 2001-2003, my goal is to expand the world building of Mata-Nui! I am approaching 50 rahi, so not all will be found here, just some popular builds!!

I hope you enjoy!
Fau Crab: Underground, Fau swamp. Pull back arms and release to swing them

Kula-Kula Shark: Islandwide
Turn gear to move tail

Katara Bird: Islandwide,
scroll gear on back to flap wings

Marabi Dragonfly (Some pieces in head not available for render, substituted, causing clipping) Fould near lakes and water, slide red actuator to open/close wings
(Toa nuva shoulder pad in green is replaced with 08 Makuta ball half, TNGM replaced with Hau, technic hockey skate in black replaced with nui-jaga tail in black for mouth)

Taku-Ko: Islandwide, no function

Paropa Roach Beetle: Le-wahi, Ga-wahi. Press black pin on back to open shell and eject stinger

Motu-Lako Mouse: Underground, no function

Tihu-Tihi Hermit Crab: Coastal regions, Ga-wahi, Ga-Koro, Le-Wahi. Press back to raise hooks (Hau represents Ruru)

EDITED FOR ADMINISTRATING! - Jedi Godzilla vs Darth Gojira


That one reminds me a lot of the old LEGO Insectoids line…

Anyways, great job! You have managed to capture the look and style of the 2001 Rahi quite well! I am looking forward to seeing more of your work!


I forgot all about those old system sets!! I remember having one of those blue circuit wings though, probably aquired from a friend xD


Those are great parts, and they work really well with Bionicle MOCs… I would highly recommend trying them out in a MOC!

I love these! Best 2001-2003 rahi mocs that I’ve seen in a while.


These are fantastic, they really capture the design style of the 2001-03 era, the dragonfly is easily my favourite.


I might just do that LegoDavid!, Thanks everyone, I have a discord if y’all wanna see more, working on a special project rn :slight_smile:

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Really awesome! What software did you use for these?

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Really accurate to the original 2001 designs, I like that.

I really do like these, don’t get me wrong, but any of the one’s sporting a hau, are impossible. If you look, some of the peices clip inside the top of the mask.

Yes, the Hau and a few other pieces are stand ins as stated above

I use, which is missing a number of bionicle parts, most notably the Mata and Turaga masks

In the case of the dragonfly, the Haus stand in for the Trans Neon Green Miru, and the Makuta pod half (can’t recall the name) stands in for a green Nuva shoulder pads, irl they fit fine

On the hermit crab, I use an orange Ruru

Fixed missing parts on my models


Great use of the lewa masks!

That mouse is the best.

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Verily, the word adorable describes those critters well!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

all this does is make me realize i’d probably kill a man for trans lime haus lol. these look great for what they’re suppose to be

I just realized what you did with this name and I am livid

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