Mata Nui, recovering form

Here’s the brief back story, mata Nui got in a battle against another Makuta, but this Makuta had knocked mata nuis mask off and put him back to sleep, a few years later he awoke surrounded by matoran and toa, as they awoken him, but his arms were mangled from the fight and his legs rusted til they couldn’t function, so he had to recover, and get repaired with help with the matoran and toa and the rebel makutas, including the very Makuta that put him to sleep. (Sorry for bad photos, limited space)


So, non-canon then.

So, really non-canon then.

The torso’s a bit of a mess, and the lack of any gold/yellow makes the mask really stand out.


I like the build, but maybe switch the mask of life to silver, or add bits of giold or yellow to make it look like its recovering.

The gold Ignika sticks out too much, maybe change it to silver. The legs, from what I see, should be larger to suit the rest of the build.