Mata Nui Robot Moc

` it’s a work in progress only give advise if you critize and nothing about the picture quality okay @Xing1870 it is a work in progress you know

Edited title to ‘Mata Nui Robot Moc’ for clarification - Wajmaster1378 @Xing1870thanks i rebuilded most of it now it has fewer torsos and new arms and legs still working on a new head and hands


The only thing I could recommend is to find a way to use or hide the ball-joints.

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Cover up the gaps and ball joints, and I’d recommend making a custom head, it looks very small on this massive figure.

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This is the robot, right?

I dunno what’s with all the balljoints…

I see balljoints… everywhere… there’s too many…

You should like, cover them up, dude.

I’m going to assume that this is supposed to be Mata nui and not Mat nui, so

Title changed for spelling and moved to Lego Creations -Omega

Edit: Title has been used, oops.

It looks like a vaguely humanoid mass of balljoints and torsos.


I see ball joints and that’s it. Looks more like the bare skeleton of the robot than the robot itself.

And I’m going to break your rule and comment on the picture quality to help you with future posts

  1. More pictures so we can see the details and build
  2. Turn on the room light, open the window, shine a lamp, etc but it’s hard to even see the moc without light

Here’s my setup for an example; a clear area with a lamp. Just have a clear area and you don’t need the white setup.

I know g1 prime isn’t Lego but I just grabbed something and didn’t pay attention.



What is this
It’s a mess of naked Ball Joints
And does not look like the Robot at all
And one of the biggest Problems I have is

They cannot be crtisiced
You need enough photos for criticsism
For example
a Front Shot
a Back Shot
And sometimes a Side Shot

And take Photos on a Fair Surface and only use the higher quality photos so the Moc can be seen

And what @Khalsa721 said
Set up some proper lighting as well

Then we can give Criticism so you can adapt from your mistakes


Trying to be artsy with your MOC pictures doesn’t help the quality of the MOC. Please get a lightbox or something.


That is quite a lot of hero factory torsos.

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The torso feels too short. As for framework, try making a more sturdy structure. If you need additional reference, look at the 2001 Toa Mata gearbox torso as inspiration. I use it as inspiration on all my current mocs.

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It just looks like a lot of torsos glued together…


Sorry dude, but I need better quality pictures to formulate a proper opinion.

But from what I can tell, I am not sure about using CCBS Torso’s for the build. it makes it look like his limbs are multi jointed. Plus you got open ball connectors sticking out everywhere so far.


Yeah basically what everyone said.

It doesn’t look like the Mata Nui robot at all,the use of all the random torsos is really weird and the picture quality is horrible.

Sorry if i sound harsh but yeah this really needs some work.

I know it’s a WIP, but that doesn’t mean I can excuse it as “not finished”.
From what I can tell, I don’t think it will look better when added on to.
You took the easy route of putting torsos together instead of taking the time to build something more complicated.
I’m not saying you need to have complex limbs all the time, but at this scale it is necessary.
Some other things that need to be changed are the head is too small, there are no hands, the legs are too long, and it needs a larger torso.
So where to start? Look up some custom torsos. Ask around. I believe @Ghosty had some good ones.


The feet look a little small, the head doesnt really look like the robot’s head and it could use some work everywhere, doesn’t realy look like our good frind mata-nui


It just looks like a mess. So many exposed joints…

And, that’s not even including what the actual Mata Nui robot looks like.

You really need better pictures. We literally can’t fully analyze the MOC.