Mata Nui wall map

Hello, guys, Kluucha here, I want to tell you about my idea/project.
I want to create a decoration map of Mata Nui island, to hang on wall.

Due to problems with getting unusual formats, map will be sized 1000x700cm (B1 format). Originally I wanted it to be slightly bigger, but as I wrote above, that was kinda tricky (and expensive, I don't want to pay 3$ for one sheet of paper o_0)

At this point, this project is only in-head, but I've just started arranging design and planning some of the elements (wind rose etc.)

Every future graphic, that will be important to this project will be linked in this post:

Half-finished island drawing with cartographic grid (A4):

Now some questions to you:
- Which terrain design is better for you? Realistic map, or medieval, Tolkien-styled one?
- Do you have some ideas for wind rose? Or maybe you can draw one? (One thing, north will be on left side, because of horizontal layout of map)
- Of course, all written words will use matoran letters, but whch language should i use: english or fanmade matoran, created by this guy?
- Is this good idea, to put those mask drawings on left and right side of map (3 per each side), with name of the toa under each mask?
(More questions soon...)

So, keep looking and propose your ideas for design. I hope this map will look fantastic smile


I like both, but since Lego's official maps used a more realistic style, I'd say to go with that.

Maybe you could use some of the Turaga's staffs?

Well, the official maps used English, but the Matoran conlang is so cool...Maybe you could use English for basic things like the legend, and Matoran for labeling locations on the island.

Anyway, neat project; I can't wait to see how it turns out!


this seems cool!

"Which terrain design is better for you? Realistic map, or medieval, Tolkien-styled one?" I would like to see a more realistic map.

As for written words I say English works the best honestly but thats just me honestly.

Realistic, and Matoran words.

I'd love to see a painting style.

Thanks guys, It's nice, that you like it.

So, I guess, you want realistic one... I also like it, so I'll do it.

Really, that's not helping :wink:
I don't want to mix languages, and I'm more likely to use matoran words
(and @Lovice, you're really honest guy, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:)

Maybe it's good idea, but I can't really understend how it can be done. Can you show me how you see it?

Anyway, thanks a lot for all of you. For about 15min I'll post my materials (I've just received my paper :smiley: )

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Ok, here we go. (Actually, I forgot to put ink here, but shhhh...)