Math(s) R Gr8

I shall say what I think of math..


Not because it is bad....but because I SUCK at it.


Is I the variable or is it equal to the square root of negative 1?

I don't care anymore.

Here is a Maths question that was in the GCSE in Britain this year. I did a different paper this year instead of the regular GCSE but I still had a go at this question. I found it absolutely fine but loads of people found it hard and some even complained to the Exam Board!
Do you find it hard?

1: The number of sweets in a bag is n. Six of those sweets are orange flavoured. Hannah takes a sweet at random from the bag and eats it. She then takes another sweet from that bag and eats it. The probability that she took and ate two orange flavoured sweets is ā…“.

a: show that nĀ² āˆ’ n āˆ’ 90 = 0

b: solve nĀ² āˆ’ n āˆ’90 = 0

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I have no clue how you're supposed to solve it

But I'd solve for n first and then work backwards.

*leaves to go solve this

Edit: wow, that only took about 5 minutes. But only because I have a convenient equation for combinations of two memorized.


I used to like math. Then I took "Sciences Naturels" this year (basically an advanced grade 10 level course). Now I realize I suck at math, even though it's pretty cool at times. I'm really glad I'm not taking that class again next year.

I'm not even gonna try and edit that title into something sensical -legomaster stuck_out_tongue


N is 10.

It took me about all of five seconds.

To solve that, yes, but now you have to prove it.

I'm too fantastically lazy to write a delta-epsilon proof right now


I have absolutely no clue what that is.
That never happens.

You should learn it in calculus. If I knew what the limit of the equation was it could be pretty dang easy... but I don't off the top of my head and finding it could take a while.

The answer is to poison your teacher, and only give them the antidote if they give you 100s forever

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I am not sure how to take that...

but I will take it as a insult.

Grade 9 math was easy enough.
Grade 10 took a turn for the worse.
Let's hope that Grade 11 won't be so bad.
Because I really don't want to be seen tearing my hair out during a math test again.


This is how I feel about it:

9th Grade math was easy.
Geometry is evil.
Algebra 2 seems fun, but I'm not so sure about it. Just gotta see it for myself.


So much yes.

Calculus is easier to understand. XD


I for one found Geometry easier than calculus

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Well, I used to be decent at Maths, now I suck. I barly understand anything in the year 10 course because I get really sad (because of the people I sit with) or we gave a substitute teacher and I do nothing. It isn't that I don't care, I want to do good, but my brain doesn't let me. The worst part about this though is i have a topic test on Friday, about Trig or something, and I really have no clue...


Here's my beef with Calculus.

They show you a really complex way of solving something, involving a bunch of x's and h's and k's and stuff. Then they show you a really simple way to do the same thing. Why not just show the easy way, if it works just as well?

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