Matoran - Animated Series Character Designs [Art][Pitch]

Is there an official Matoran model sheet, cause I couldn’t find one. Instead I used @UltimateMustacheX 's Matoran designs which can be found here: Matoran Colors/Designs [Art][Characters]

Anyways, I thought I would draw up what the Matoran might look like in an animated series, specifically male. The first one is a full grown Matoran, and the second is a child Matoran. Notice the armor that almost looks like shorts on the thighs, I didn’t know what else to change other than shoulder width and size, so I just did that. So yeah, any thoughts or critique is welcome.


I really like the artwork for this! The “shorts” look a bit odd, but I assume that each Matoran child has a different aesthetic.

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Oh yeah, totally, every Matoran could have maybe even like a cape, or a belt with cloth hanging from it. I agree the shorts do look kind of odd, but I think that’s probably due to the lower thigh being nothing.

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You could check out the Matoran Ideas topic for more designs to use, or some of the MOCs for G3.

Youngster Kapura: “I like shorts! They’re comfy and easy to wear!”


I really like this style! Reminds me a lot of bionicle and also keeps with the anime/cartoon vibe ttv wants

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I don’t know if you’d be receptive to this, but you could try tinkering with the head-to-body proportions with the child Matoran. Keeping the objective size of the head (as in making it the same size as the adult) but while shortening the rest of the character by the length of a head’s worth. So if I draw a character that is 8 heads tall, I could change proportions to make him 5 heads tall.

If you want cuter results, that’s what you’ll wanna try.