Matoran Dete, Wearer of the red Kaukau- A Bionicle moc

Hello, Boards!
After a 2 year long hiatus from moccing. I’m back baby with a new moc I made it’s a self moc like creation trying to resembling a friend of mine from discord.

After some time talking on discord with a couple of friends an internal joke started to form about one of us not having a red Kaukau and from several discussions about several different things. Spark an idea to create a self moc for said friend using a red Kaukau and so Matoran Dete was created.

#Weapons and powers:
Dete has a gun arm for a weapon which he rarely uses for attacking but comes in handy for defence.

Since this moc is based on my friend he shares his personality. He’s fun and cool to be around but he is serious about the things he really likes and cares. He doesn’t enjoy being teased very much and other matoran sometime use this to humor him.


In the end I really like this moc it’s a fun thing I did in my spare time and just moccing again felt awesome. So I want to personally thank my friends over on discord for making this moc a reality and for being such great company to have around.

So here is one last picture of him before I go and have a great valentines day.



Very cool! Colors are nice, and the asymmetry works.

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