Matoran Eljay MOC + Mangosteen Mode

I got some bonkles on eBay a few months ago. The seller included a Gold Miru and Lehvak Kal, so I made Eljay. Now I present to you love, life, and canon! Eljay Herself!

She has a gold Kanohi Miru, some keetorange, and green! Lots and lots of green!

Obligatory back shot.

Obligatory side shot.

Obligatory comparison with Turaga Vakama and Toa Mata Lewa

Mangosteen mode, activate!

Ingredients for making Mangosteen mode Eljay:


It’s nice to see some variance in Matoran proportions, especially for a return to the “Tohunga” style with exaggerated feet and arms. His wings while in mangosteen mode are also nice touches, as well as those Krana breastplates; their purple color goes really well with his mata green.

His wings could probably have been connected in a more stable and space-saving way, but overall this is a pretty great MOC.

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Thanks! I’ll take the wings into consideration if I make a version 2.

She looks pretty nice!

I would recommend changing the keetorange on the back to dk. green though, and adding dk, green to the build (i.e. Arms and Legs)

I don’t have a whole lot of dark green. All my dark green pieces come from that Shrek ripoff from HF Brain Attack. I also have a single, mysterious dark green Toa Mata Weapon holding arm (the arm the Toa Mata use to grip their weapons), and I don’t think that any of those pieces would be useful here.

Eljay and Mangosteen! :smiley:

Eljay is not a woman.

Or a man, for that matter. Eljay’s a Hideyoshi!

Update #1: 20% Cooler!

I changed a few things on Eljay, most notably the chest and a few changes to Mangosteen Mode.

Here is the lean green mangosteen machine, Eljay! Now complete with a purple tie and black axles rather than red ones.

Here’s a better look at said tie and axles.

Mangosteen Mode has begun, now with more purple and Pohatu-esc foot attachments!

Nothing has changed with the Ninjago spikes! Still as spiky and purple as always!

Same with the asymmetrical Krana chestplate, except it’s not spiky.

The wings, however, have gone through a few changes. No more red, more purple and yellow, and to make them less floppy, I added 2 HF friction joints, one on each side!

A look at the Mangosteen blade, now sleeker and more simplified.

A better look.

Another better look!

Flügel der Freihet… again!


For some reason, he reminds me of iBionicle’s Maktau MoC.

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