Matoran in the Prototype Robot?

Hey Greg, just had a quick question about the Prototype Robot. I was wondering about if Matoran were created before or after the Prototype Robot to work on it, and if the Prototype Robot was ever made with the intention to house or interact with Matoran, or if it was strictly for conceptual prototyping for a large-scale robot by the Great Beings.

Previously, you had mentioned that the Agori and construction robots built it, but didn’t say anything about Matoran, so I was just wondering.

“[The Great Beings] did not build it with their own hands. There aren’t that many GBs, it would have taken them ages to build something that big by hand. They mostly used construction robots and a few Agori.”



I imagine that the construction robots used were either some form of prototype matoran, or the equivalent of a fork lift truck or something.

No, Matoran were never involved with the prototype. It probably could have functioned with Matoran, but it was never intended to do so.