Matoran Masks, Forms and Powers [Pitch]

In response to this week’s podcast, here are some ideas for masks and how they function:

Mask images provided by Ragdoll

This pitch proposes that masks come in four forms, as in G1: Powerless (Year 1), Noble (Uncovered Matoran masks), Great (Toa-exclusive masks) and Legendary (confined to the mask of Time and those worn by the Great Beings).
I have also put forward ideas for individual masks, which in their Noble form provide ‘passive’ (i.e. constant) boosts to performance while Great versions can also provide more active (i.e. intermittent) boosts.

###In Depth:

  • As proposed in the podcast, Matoran will have no mask powers to begin with. However they will still wear Powerless masks out of tradition.
    Instead of the masks reflecting the Matoran’s abilities, the Matoran’s abilities reflect the powerless mask worn. In other words, a more resilient Matoran would wear a ‘Mask of Endurance’ to denote this; a charismatic leader would wear a ‘Mask of Charisma’, etc.
  • However the masks that the Toa find in the ‘hidden vault’ (unlocked by the golden masks) are Noble masks. These grant the wearer a natural boost to a particular ability, such as allowing wearers of a ‘Mask of Stealth’ to be slightly more light-footed and nimble.
  • When a Toa dons a Noble mask, it transforms into a Great mask. The only physical difference between the two is the ornate patterns that appear on the Great versions (as in the Toa minifig designs), signifying the enhancement of that mask’s powers because of its synergy with a Toa.
    Great masks enhance the powers granted by the Noble versions, but also often provide enhanced momentary boosts. For example: while the Noble mask of Stealth can make Matoran more light-footed, the Great version allows Toa to become invisible very briefly (e.g. five seconds) and only rarely (this boost needs time before it can be used again).
  • The Noble masks were hidden away because of the chaos their powers presumably caused, but in actuality it was Makuta’s infection of the masks that caused conflicts between Matoran, as he was able to influence the minds of those that wore them. Hence, if the Toa can find a way to cure the affliction to the masks, they can help end the civil war.

###Mask Ideas

The following mask powers refer to the Noble versions, with the additional powers provided by the Great versions indicated.
Powers bestowed by Great masks can only be used every five minutes (or more depending on the usefulness of the power)

Hau, Mask of Endurance (Tahu)

  • Grants the user more stamina and physical resilience.
  • The Great version allows the user to shield themselves from attack for a few seconds every few minutes.
  • A powerless Hau will often be worn by soldiers, guards or laborers.

Kaukau, Mask of Agility (Gali)

  • Makes the user faster and more nimble.
  • The Great version allows the user to jump incredible heights or run incredibly fast for a brief moment.
  • A powerless Kaukau will often be worn by athletes or military scouts.

Kakama, Mask of Charisma (Pohatu)

  • Enhances the user’s charisma and reduces negative emotions (doubt, fear, etc.).
  • The Great version makes the user fearless for a brief moment, and reduces the fear and doubt in others.
  • A powerless Kakama will often be worn by performers, athletes or military and diplomatic leaders.

Miru, Mask of Deceit (Lewa)

  • Enhances the user’s ability to trick others and their sleight of hand (fits Lewa’s thief-based origins).
  • The Great version allows the user to cast illusions (like the Mahiki), such as disguises or holograms.
  • A powerless Miru will often be worn by performers (such as magicians), eccentric tricksters or thieves.

Akaku, Mask of Perception (Kopaka)

  • Enhances the user’s senses, allowing them to identify changes (visual or auditory) in their environment.
  • The Great version allows the user to see through walls or dense fog for a brief moment.
  • A powerless Akaku will often be worn by guards and watchmen.

Pakari, Mask of Command (Onua)

  • Allows the user to more easily communicate and calm Rahi.
  • The Great Version allows the user to command Rahi for a short time.
  • A powerless Pakari will often be worn by sages or farmers.

Huna, Mask of Stealth

  • Makes the user more light-footed and more able to move undetected.
  • The Great version grants the user with temporary invisibility, however their shadow is still visible.
  • A powerless Huna will often be worn by military scouts, hunters or thieves.

Rau, Mask of Translation

  • Enhances the user’s ability to understand other languages, and also enhances their ability to communicate using the former.
  • The Great version allows the user to momentarily understand and communicate in a different language.
  • A powerless Rau will often be worn by scholars, linguists or historians.

Matatu, Mask of Intellect

  • Grants the user a natural affinity for learning and understanding new concepts, and also makes them better planners and strategists.
  • The Great version grants the user limited and momentary telekinesis (often associated with intelligence).
  • A powerless Matatu will often be worn by scholars, scientists or strategists.

Suletu, Mask of Insight

  • Enhances the user’s ability to understand the thoughts, feelings and motives of others.
  • The Great version allows the user to vaguely sense the motivations of a target, or to communicate telepathically with a target.
  • A powerless Suletu will often be worn by leaders, negotiators or sages.

Kiril, Mask of Repair

  • Increases the user’s natural healing rate.
  • The Great Version allows the user to heal their own or others’ minor wounds over a prolonged time, however concentration is required.
  • The Kiril will often be worn by healers.

In response to this week’s podcast (SENPAI NOTICED ME), here’s a pitch for the mask that would allow the Ga-Matoran to inhabit the ancient underwater city:

Waira, Mask of Adaptation

  • Reduces the user’s demand for oxygen, allowing them to breathe for hours underwater, or to survive longer in deoxygenated environments (such as mountains). Also slightly improves their tolerance of environmental extremes, such as temperatures and pressures - the latter will also assist with living underwater.
  • The Great version allows the user to temporarily resist almost all extremes of temperature, pressure, etc., and also allows them to produce oxygen bubbles.
    (This may conflict with the Hau to some degree.)
  • The Waira is often worn by nomads or harvesters who tread in dangerous environments, such as Po-Matoran desert hunters, Le-Matoran pilots or Ga-Matoran ‘underwater fishermen’ (i.e. they come to the fish instead of the fish coming to them) .

Liking your idea for the mask, though I think the Mask of Charisma would be fitted with Calix. Kaukau could still be the Mask of Water Breathing, it would give its user the ability to breath underwater for a limited time (lets say 5 minutes, than wait another 5 before reuse)

Very well done. I like how you made the masks about how people want to portray themselves, as is often done with clothes (edgy people wear black, business people suits, etc). Matoran might even think these people own these characteristics, as they link the mask/face to it (this is a topic discussed in social psychology, however my knowledge on that is limited). The mask and their powers are really well made. I like the passive and active part of the masks. My favourite part of this pitch is that different masks are worn by the same “jobs”, otherwise the character landscape would be pretty flat, as all labourers )which are often in abundance) would wear the same mask.


I should also add: with this pitch and how the podcast planned on introducing powered masks, the Toa would start off with powerless masks (that simply obtain ornate symbols because of their transformation), but once they uncover the Noble masks, they will gain these mask powers - this could serve as a substitute for a Nuva-style upgrade like G1.

Really like the look of these.

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@Mesonak @IllustriousVar

After mentioning that the Ga-Matoran could have once inhabited an underwater city, I added a pitch for another mask that could allow them to do so.
It’s at the bottom of this topic.

I’m really happy about this pitch because you’re essentially doing the best of both worlds; going the route of physical augmentation, but with the concept that it can be upgraded to the more traditional, superpower-like mask powers. Also, it maintains the hierarchy between Matoran and Toa, since the mask only reaches its full potential if worn by Toa.

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I’ve made a similar pitch recently about the masks and how they are made, although the mask makers remain anonymous. I preface that I used G1 masks (which are not canon in G3) just to give a general idea (and to entertain myself).