Matoran of air

When the rakshi of greed deployed his mercenary’s onto the island of Atua looking for powerful artifacts the different tribes had different ideas to survive. The air tribe thought to surrender quickly to be spared from brutality. However the mercenary’s saw this as cowardly and foolish. They took them all as slaves burning there villages and forcing them to work in the mines. The air tribe forged a plan to escape the harsh mines. The warriors of the air tribe started a riot creating enough confusion for many of the air matoran and warriors to escape. Enraged at the failure of his mercenary’s the rakshi of greed demanded that the air tribe escapee’s be hunted down and executed. The people of air now spend their days trying to make it to the fire tribe on the other side of the island without being killed

Even though it is the worst of times the air matoran kept there cheery personality

The air tribe is known for there short stature
Even in there warriors

I have been collaborating with @Aquaraptor to make our own story soon all of our mocs will be up along with the story. This was my first attempt at a moc which is mainly system so constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.


That Miru looks Metru Green. Did you paint it? If so, what paint?

Yes I did paint it, I just mixed green paints until I got the colours

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I like the plant life details, the colors, and the painted miru, yet the shoulders seem off.