Matoran of the Tren-Krom Peninsula

Just some matoran from the Tren-Krom peninsula
A group shot of some Bo-matoran

A Vo-matoran

Krakua and Mazeka

The frame itself

Studio file for the frame


ah this Matoran frame looks pretty good. I like the amount of detail put into it.

What a great frame! I need to build this irl soon! Thanks for making this!

where’s Nidhiki

I like them. the build speaks to the strengths of the Av matoran elements geometrically while adding complexity and articulation. Very nice.


Right here I guess.


Nice amount of complexity and mechanical detail. Really nice. You did a great job here. The only thing I’m not 100% on is the gaps in the torso, it makes for a bit of an odd silhouette. but it’s nothing that a bit of customization couldn’t fix.

I love how greebly and yet how smooth they are!

ooh fun - Matoran are always good to see
these guys look really nice!

They look ready to throw down. Awesome

I might recreate this body frame for my matorn in the future.