Matoran Universe cross-section and map

I wanted to make the Matoran Universe easy to understand for the casual fan.
I tried to put as much detail as I could while still being accurate for scale. I wanted to do more but had to wrap this project up.
I went off of the smaller 3150 kilometer size instead of the official larger size but otherwise I drew things as canon as possible. I still illustrated a few of my own ideas about logistics of the Matoran Universe, explained below.

I drew Voya Nui its small size compared to Metru Nui as seen in the “total overview” concept art.
When on the Southern Continent, Voya Nui’s mountain range (later its icy capes), have the Tren Krom River flow at their base. I placed the lake with the island where Vican is from between these mountains, in what would become Voya Nui bay, since the lake was also stated to be near the center of the continent.
The hole that Voya Nui left in the robot’s chest should probably have been partially clogged by its own debris. That way it wouldn’t be able to submerge the entire Matoran Universe in 1,000 years. As it sunk Voya Nui cleared this debris, which was repositioned by the Staff of Artakha to seal the hole.

I am aware that Karda Nui was full of sand before, but maybe this sand was meant to enrich/renew used-up liquid protodermis as it swirled around in the energy storms and the protodermis flowed through the bottom of the heart and gets pumped back out!
But during the Dark Time, Karda Nui pumped the seawater from the vortex/waterfall into the rest of the Silver Sea, causing them to become increasingly diluted and mutanagenic over that thousand years (just more so in Karda Nui and near the Pit), as well as raising the sea level slightly. If all of this were the case, which in my headcanon it is, then the Staff of Artakha would also have had to separate and expel the saltwater from the liquid protodermis of the Silver Seas back up through that hole before it was sealed shut behind the sinking Voya Nui.


Here is some more detail


Gah! I just realised I forgot to draw the rest of the Maze of Shadows on the cross-section of Mata Nui & Metru Nui. Oh well. I have to put this away :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:




Aahhhh thank you sooo much coz that was exactly what I was trying to do