Matoran Universe vs the Fire Nation (Avatar TLA)

Right after the Matoran return to Metru Nui the Fire Nation homeland with all its forces is teleported off the coast of the Southern Continent. They seek to conquer all of the MU and will not align with any MU faction. The Fire Nation is at peak strength after the eclipse in season 3. How will this affect the situation in the MU? How does this change Teridaxs plans? How does the Order of Mata Nui respond?

why would the fire nation invade a robot


To seize control of the robot and its citizens

According to the post, they’re just teleported there. Maybe the spirits got sick of the fire nation’s nonsense and just kicked them to another universe. IDK, you aren’t supposed to think about the reasoning of a “who would win” fight

To answer the question, I don’t see the Fire Nation winning. The power gap between BIONICLE and Avatar characters are wide. How many rahi alone have crazy powers? And good luck taking on the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Furthermore, can a human eat organic protodermis? An army marches on its stomach. The fire nation won’t last long if there’s no food to eat.


The Fire Nation has their homeland teleported with them so they have any agriculture and food resources that would be on it.

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Unironically they’d probably all die trying to invade the Tren Krom Peninsula


This is a massively unfair matchup. The two franchises have vastly different power levels.

I gave it some more thought, specifically keeping in mind the questions laid out above.

How will this affect the situation in the MU?
This is a fun one. The Fire Nation will be starting in the Southern Continent, which for the most part is the furthest edge of Matoran settlement and rather sparsely populated. The Fire Nation would likely encounter very little resistance during this phase of their invasion, and assuming they headed north, they would avoid the troublesome Southern Islands. Because of the general lack of Toa and the fact that most established species in the MU are native to small islands positioned “east” of the Northern Continent and around Mata Nui’s left arm (this is evidenced by the dense populations found around Xia and Stelt, the habitation of Nynrah and Odina, and the lack of knowledge about Artakha and Tren Krom’s island), the majority of people living on the Southern Continent would be plain Matoran. While physically stronger than a human, they can’t wield elemental powers, and only Ta- or Su-Matoran would be resistant to their firebending. It is very likely that the Fire Nation would be able to overrun the Southern Continent, or at minimum continue unopposed by the relatively low population. Hazards from local fauna aside, it is very likely that the Fire Nation would find their way up to the Northern Continent (unfortunately, the Tren Krom Peninsula) and Stelt.

This is where things go south very quickly. The Tren Krom Peninsula is home to incredibly dangerous landscapes, Rahi, and brigands if Vultraz is any indication. Furthermore, following the occupation of the Southern Continent (whose waterfall serves as a conduit to Karda Nui and Voya Nui), the Brotherhood of Makuta would be forced to divert at least some attention to the Fire Nation’s incursion. Because Teridax would be influencing the Piraka in Mangaia/Voya Nui at this time, the task of dealing with Ozai’s suicide campaign would fall to his deputy Antroz and the efforts of local Makuta… including Gorast. Should any Fire Nation units survive the inhospitable environment of the Tren Krom Peninsula, they would likely face a brutal destruction at the hands of the Brotherhood’s psychotic yandere. Stelt would afford to put up a more organized defense, and it’s fairly likely that the Fire Nation would be unable to establish a beachhead on the island.

How does this change Teridax’s Plan?
It would force him to move some pieces around, but not alter the entire plan. Resulting from the Fire Nation’s invasion would likely be a concerted effort on the part of Toa, the Order of Mata Nui, or both parties to pacify the Southern Continent, and this would put them dangerously close to the action. The Brotherhood, after reporting this development to Teridax, would likely be ordered to go on an extensive cleanup mission, aggressively wiping out the Fire Nation’s occupying forces in order to prevent the OOMN from embarking on a cleanup mission of their own. This would be presented to the Matoran as a charitable peacekeeping operation not unlike the Rahi-control jobs that the Makuta undertook prior to the Great Cataclysm. Toa who tried to interfere would likely meet with unfortunate accidents.

How does the Order of Mata Nui respond?
Like I touched on previously, the Order would likely find themselves unable to respond before the Brotherhood of Makuta wiped out the Fire Nation in order to keep their own plans from coming to light. It’s possible that Order agents across the Southern Continent may report the Fire Nation’s activities to Helryx and clandestinely oppose their activities, but more likely than not the Order would keep their hands clean until the situation demanded it. After all, some strange army from the south conquering a few Matoran settlements isn’t anything new – the Visorak Horde do that all the time and the Order rarely, if ever, takes action against it.

How succesful would the Fire Nation be at defending their homeland? Remember also the Fire Nation has a large navy and a good amount of airships, that could strike somewhere like Metru Nui.

That’s dependent on their strategy. The Fire Nation might keep their cards close to their chest, since they aren’t entirely sure where they are or how dangerous their surroundings might be. Because they aren’t aware of the MU’s geography, they’d be forced to scout with a handful of ships; Metru Nui is thousands of miles away whereas the Southern Continent is close. Ships bound for the Southern Islands never return.

The Fire Nation’s airfleet would provide excellent support in taking the Southern Continent due to the locals’ lack of aircraft or proper anti-air weapons. This same fleet and airfleet would serve them well in their defense against the Brotherhood’s counterattack… if it ever arrived.

The Brotherhood of Makuta may not find the Fire Nation’s homeland. Because it does not feature on existing maps and the Makuta will naturally assume that the Fire Nation is some kind of race endemic to the MU (perhaps from the Southern Isles), they may not go out of their way to find the Fire Nation. It may just live to fight another day.

Assuming this doesn’t happen, of course, for the sake of this question, it’s likely the Fire Nation would put up a memorable but futile defense. The Brotherhood could very well send in nothing but armies of Heat Resistance Rahkshi to physically overpower the Fire Nation’s armies and overcome their airships with other Rahkshi or Rahi such as Guurahk or Lohrak. Airborne Makuta may also take part in the battle if they choose to give themselves a set of wings. Against certain opponents such as Visorak, the Fire Nation’s catapults and firebendets may be able to put a dent in the Makuta counterattack. The ship-to-ship combat would be brutal, but equally unmatched: we have no knowledge of what Makuta ships are made from, but we know that a single Panrahk aboard each ship would be capable of neutralizing enemy projectiles and breaking the hulls of their ships.

True, but they would still need resources from the areas they conquer. They may have rations, but rations can only get you so far. If a squad is cut off or they aren’t able to get more supplies, it’s over for them. Also, much like the world wars, while the fire nation is industrialized, not every squad or division has access to tanks, etc. They still used animal mounts and labor, which would need to forage for food and water.

Speaking of water, any H2O would be located on the fire nation islands themselves. If we’re still assuming organic beings can’t process protodermis, any rain water would be liquid protodermis as well. There goes their crops, the livestocks, and eventually the people. In fact, here’s how I see this going down:

Mysteriously, the Fire Nation is transported to a strange world. People are confused as to why the oceans turned to a shining silver. Or why they see strange metallic birds pass by. The nation’s armies are sent out to explore this new world and bring back wonders from the Southern Continent. Beings made of metal and organic tissue, disks and masks that posses magical powers. Citizens panic, but Fire Lord Ozai reassures them. “Though we are displaced, we are displaced, we have been given a new world to conquer – with new opportunities to increase our might! Let us show these creatures the true power of Fire Nation!”

Ships are sent out establish their presence through out the surrounding area. Initially, all goes well. But reports begin to come in. Their beasts of burden grow sick when they eat the grass. None of the fruit is edible. And there’s no water, only that silvery liquid. Without a steady food supply, soldiers fall back to their rations. Their advancement is halted and orders are sent out to double food production. But without rain water, crops begin to die out. The government tries to keep the peace, but as more people starve, riots break out.

And others beings have noticed. Word of the Fire Nation’s invasion travels, eventually reaching the Brotherhood of Makuta, and tales of a mysterious land full of strange organic fire-wielding creatures. Ozai’s attempts to rule this universe amuse Makuta Teridax, but he cannot allow anyone to disrupt his plans. The Brotherhood shall crush this “Fire Nation” as they did with the Legion of Six Kingdoms eons before.

As the situation in the Fire Nation further devolves, armies appear on the horizon. Legions of rahi, rahkshi, visorak, and other untold horrors sweep through the land. The element of fire is strong, but it is soon extinguished by shadow. Villages are destroyed, any survivor are taken as slaves. A few makuta decide experiment on them, just to see how they work. Some survivors flee the Fire Nation, but without any food or water, they quickly die off. Eventually, the humans are doomed for extinction. Their only legacy are the stories and objects they left behind.

Later on, the brotherhood’s plan succeeds. Teridax has taken over the body of the Great Spirit. He has gained everything he has ever wanted, but his heart still yearns for conquest. He remembers what he learned of the Fire Nation. How they came from a world ruled by only four elements. Of a world of the Avatar.

Yes, the Matuka thinks to himself. Once I am through with this universe… perhaps I should pay that one a visit. I am sure they wish to know the fate their lost nation – and of their future.

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