Matoran WIP


He seems to be to big for a Matoran. Try to make his legs shorter. And he needs a head.

I don’t think I can make his legs shorter

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The Mixel eye and yellow ball you use for his shoulders I hope are temporary, as they break the color scheme and look very out of place.

As for the build itself-he honestly looks like a modified version of Matau Metru. Like, very little is changed. From what I can tell the main differences is that he has a chain on his arm, he has the 2011 hands as opposed to the ones they used in 2004, he’s wearing a tie, he has ball joints in his shoulders, he has a misplaced belly button, and that he has a gear on his butt for some reason. Other than that, the core build looks almost the same.

Not mention some other issues-like how the way you assembled the arms, the forearms can only move in a way that would look broken while posed, the tie looking thing might hinder the head articulation, and as the fellow before me stated:

I know it’s a WIP, but those are my suggestions for how to improve him.


This is matau but his mid half is higher up


Wow, just Wow