Matorans rise (rp sign-up) [CLOSED]

So I am gonna be doing a new rpg! I

So you are gonna be matorans fighting a threat that hasn’t appeared for years…

It is a couple of centuries after the last toa disappeared, and the matorans and have returned to a peaceful lifestyle. However, an old threat has arisen… One that hasn’t been seen since the very first toa had arrived.

Character format:
Matoran type:
Tools and/or weapons:

You can have up to 3 characters.
More on matorans Here
ENjoy! As soon as we get around 5 to 6 players we’ll start.



Name: Mokuzai
Matoran type: Bo Matoran
Occupation: Carpenter/Gardener
Tools and/or weapons: A carving set and a watering pot
Personality: Generally pretty quiet unless he gets that chance to sprinkle in sass
Bio: A quiet Matoran who tends to live on his own. Doesn’t do much except make whatever he gets requested to or to tend to his plants.



Might as well make mine.

Name: Kronan.
Matoran type: kra-Matoran
Occupation: architect
Tools and weapons: paper, quill, and a strange rapier and javelin with a black aura around them.
Personality: quiet, but harsh. Usually stern but is occasionally kind.
Bio: once a le-matoran, he was corrupted and turned kra-matoran. He chose not to work with Makita and became an outcast. He is very solitary due to the loss of his family, but is still a just and right matoran. His weapons are a curse from the makuta. (You’ll see more in the rpg, I don’t want to give too much away.)

Name: Tangi
Matoran type: De-Matoran
Occupation: Mechanic
Tools and/or weapons: Gauntlets
Personality: Usually calm, but can be easily angered/annoyed.
Bio: Being a De-Matoran, Tangi is sensitive to sound, so he doesn’t tend to be around loud matoran. Because of this, Tangi usually is alone and has time to create things, such as his gauntlets.

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Name: Ovrak
Matoran type: Su-Matoran
Occupation: Veteran Miner
Tools and weapons: Plasma railgun/Pickaxe
Personality: Gruff; usually keeps to himself, apart from when his opinion is needed.
Bio: Ovrak was involved in an incident where he and his student were attacked by a wild Rahi. Ovrak blames himself for the outcome, and has kept quiet since.

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@Mr.Monopoly @Toa_Distraxx


Name: Tarkur
Matoran type: Ta Matoran
Occupation: Mask and tool maker/crafter
Tools and/or weapons: Forging tools a Kanoka launcher
Personality: Nice and friendly, stubborn something that gets worse when he gets angrier, Hates being alone. Can’t swim, Favorite things to do are following, testing Domau’s inventions, crafting new masks and eating really good food
Tarkur escaped Karzahnis realm but after that, his memory was damaged so it could only store 100 years worth of memories at a time. This made him forget most aspects of his earlier life. Tarkur and his friend and inventor Domau opened a shop in on of the districts of Metru Nui and now has a small business there.

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So I’ll start the game in two days. We have five players including me, and more people can join if they wish.

Name: Malekai
Age: 28
Matoran type: Ko matoran
Occupation: Scientist
Tools/weapons: His tools are scientific Instruments. He doesn’t have weapons of his own, but can design and create weapons for others.
Personality: He is quiet, invested in his work, easily worried, and deeply cares for helping his fellow matoran.
Bio: Because of a traumatic event earlier in his life, Malekai is concerned about the safety and abilities of the matoran. He is in the process of trying to develop weapons and technology to help the matoran take better care of themselves; As of yet, there has been little success.

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I’ll make a second character for the fun of it.
Name: Coral
Matoran type: ga -Matoran
Occupation: guardian of the library
Tools/weapons: librarian handbook, two handed warhammer, shield, spectacles.
Personality: an eager, young Matoran with many dreams. Very positive.
Bio: so far nothing has happened, but she has heard tell if a new threat, and is excited to go find it. She carries her warhammer with one hand and her shield with the other. She is extremely strong.

Name: Radrix
Species: Some kind a Makuta-Toa,
gender: male
Abilities: shooting fire from his weapon, Using fire in general, Tridax pod
Items on hand: Fork

Universe background: Bionicle
Habits: Challenges
I think this is it
Is it OK?

Follow the character form at the first comment. It must be a matoran.

Perhaps a ta-matoran? That is, a matora n of fire.
There’s a page about matora n up there as well.


Occupation: Mask maker
What More?

Maybe make his weapons a trident, and one of his tools a fork.

Other than that, he’s good.

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And, as a matoran, he could look like a radiak but with an antroz mask
Ok! I am in?

Yeah, sure.

I’ll just say he’s accepted. You can go in the rpg now

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Name: Buki
Element: Earth
Occupation: traveler
Personality: Friendly and welcoming to anyone he meets on his journey.
Weapon/tools: a wooden cane, dagger
Appearence: A skinny matoran with a silver Hau, and always covered in brown robes.
Special powers: ( @meepinater let me know if i can have this) due to an accident with protodermis ( he traveled to mangai once) the mask got fused with him, but he can use it like a noble mask. It is also why the mask is silver.

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