Matoro, Hakann or Takadox?

Hello there.
I made this thread because i need your opinion on something.
So,as you know,Easter is nearing in.
As i do every year,i will probably buy a Bionicle set that i don't own at the moment,but this year i have a problem.
I can't choose between 3 sets.
Hakkan,Matoro Inika,and Takadox.,to be exact.
Unfortunately,old Bio sets are really expensive in my country (1 dollar is 4 lei,and the average salary here is 2000 lei) and i can only choose one of these three.
I kinda want to choose between Hakkan and Matoro,to be honest.
Any suggestions?
Price isn't making that much of a difference,as they all have pretty much the same prices (Hakkan is 42 lei,Takadox 39,Matoro 38).
Matoro also comes with the canister,the other 2 don't.


Hmm. How many Barraki, Inika, and Piraka do you have?

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Nope, you're getting Takadox. Glow in the dark armor FTW.


Out of the Inika,i only have Jaller.
Piraka,i have Reidak and Vezok.
No Barraki (altough i have all mahri).

i never knew that Takadox has GITD armor.That's definetely a pro.

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since you have no Barraki, i would go for Takadox.


First choice, Matoro.

Second choice, Takadox.

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To be honest i don't really like Hakann's character that much.
His set is looking pretty cool,i mean he has a nice color scheme.
But yeah,Matoro and Takadox seem to be better choices.

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Takadox certainly seems to be the most unique out of the three. However, Matoro is IMO one of the best-looking Inika figures.

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I'll suggest Takadox. He has some pretty good pieces.

I'd recommend Takadox. His design is unique, parts are good, and he looks like an insect. The only problem with Takadox is that his squid launcher looks really awkward but you can remove it.

I'd say Takadox, for reasons mentioned above.

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I'd pick Matoro, because he has a sword with freaking l̶a̶z̶e̶r̶s̶ lights.


Takadox. At first, I didn't like him much, but he has become one of my favorite Barraki.

But Matoro comes with nostalgia, so...

Matoro is actually my favourite Inika.But on the other hand,Takadox is also my favourite Barraki,so it ain't easy.

It sounds like you are mainly deciding whether to get Matoro or Takadox. Personally I would get Takadox. He has glow in the dark pieces, he has WAY more pieces (62 versus Matoro's 46) and generally is a cooler set. If it was Mahri Matoro, I would say differently. confused


For the sake of volume I'll go ahead and tack on that I think you should get Takadox.

I already got Mahri Matoro,so there's no problem with that.

You should get Takadox. His design is undeniably the most unique, and in my opinion has the best design.

MATORO 100%-- Wait, Inika.




Since you already have Matoro mahri, I suggest getting Takadox.

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