Matoro Mahri Inspired Exo Suit

I needed some ideas for weapons for an exo-suit and decided to just make Matoro in a giant version of his mahri form with even more weapons.

a link to my flickr for better photos since i don’t know how to fix the sideways photos


I like it’s complexity, but for the most part, it’s kind of a mess.

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Woah, it looks cool but it’s very cluttered.

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The design is alright, but it gets pretty messy in some areas, and the color scheme is pretty weird. But one thing I can say is excellent is that minigun!


I like it alot, except for the red on the lower arms. It just sorta clashes.

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Waayyyyy too messy. 5/10

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The concept is really, really cool
THe only thing is, this MOC is really busy. My eyes can’t decide where to look.
There are also some colors here that don’t match with Matoro’s color scheme, like the red and the blue.

Other than that, the build itself is really well done and it looks awesome. Good job!

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