Matoro, Mata Nui's Chosen 2.0

So, after the complete disaster of my Matoro Mahri REVAMP ( Matoro Mahri REVAMP) and the moderate success of my moc: Matoro, Mata Nui’s Chosen( Matoro, Mata Nui's Chosen), I decided to scrap the revamp of Matoro and use some of the parts to revamp my somewhat successful moc.

The first thing to notice Is I went all out on the blue pins this time, my explanation for this is that they are blue lights, I tried to seal the deal by adding blue studs. I also broke up the original color scheme by replacing some gray and silver with white. To help tie in more of the blue, I changed the silver air hose from the Mahri revamp to a clear and blue. I kept the weapons and dual mode functions the same.

By the way, I was debating on how to build the legs with the armor. It would be great if you guys would leave your opinion on which layout looks better.


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You need to redesign the midsection. It simply looks awkward and unfitting for a humanoid being.


Yeah, all I had left when I built it was liftarms, it looks alot better in real life though, I’m not the best photographer.

Really good looking Matoro, I like it.

Thank you! By the way, which leg design looks better in your opinion, because I can go either way right now.

Our right, his left. I believe it suits him better and covers more.

Ok, thanks. I have set him up with that layout.

The entire thing is a mess, theres so much random stuff piled on him, and the custom torso is just a brick with a chest plate on it.
If you’re going to revamp an official character make it look like the official character, just with more custom stuff as if the set had a bigger parts budget.

I think it could use some revision and finer tuning (there are a lot of clashing textures), but I gotta say, I love how the shield looks, despite the connection it uses being a bit questionable.

This isn’t a revamp of the original character, this is a revamp of a moc I made

I see then, though since it still IS Matoro you should make it a bit more like him.

At least it doesn’t look like he’s on life-support.

There’re a lot of parts sticking out randomly and, though it looks better than last time, the technic is still offputting and it gets rid of most of the personality the set had.

There is a reason he looks the way he does, check the backstory for the original matoro.