Matoro MOCS: Kazann and Skall

So, I've created two new MOCs, one being a Shadow Toa, and the other being a Skakdi. So let's get into it. First off is Kazann.

He's a Skakdi of Light, which is an unusual combination, and that's why I chose it. He's got different leg armor that allows him to move his knees more.

Kazann also has a slight (massive) obsession with the Kanohi Avohkii.

Next is Skall, Toa of Shadow and Fire.

So, the cool thing about him is that he's got a perfect color scheme, consisting of black and dark red, with a bit of Keetorange on his claw. In the background of this image you can see his master, Makuta Verakion. (an updated version of him, I might add)

Here's the obligatory back shot, containing both of these MOCs in a sort of battle.

So, finally, here are all my current MOCs.

From Left to Right:
Ihu, Verakion, Grakk, Skall, Hunter, Ata, Taia, and Kazann.





I knew I shouldn't have given him a fire sword

First time realizing that the gold head/spine piece from Irnakk is in the same mold as Thok... I feel stupid. Good MOCs!