Matoro reviews: Onua, Master of Earth

Onua is a really solid set, with a lot of good features, contrasted with a few low points. So to start things off, I’ll just say that the set looks great. It’s everything Onua should be, and it has an extremely stable build. One thing that surprised me was just how much I dislike his hammer. It looks really awkward, and it doesn’t even seem like it would work well as a weapon. On the other hand, his claws look great. They really solve the proportion problem in the arms, and make the set look a lot better. One thing I don’t ike is how small the mask is. I think the reason for this is that it makes the rest of the build look bigger, but ti just makes Onua look silly.
Overall, I really like Onua. He’s probably my second favorite Toa, and he irepresents my favorite Toa Mata extremely well


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