Matoro’s Rahi: the Ko-strich

Where the mighty Toa can tame a Kikanalo, Matoro has devised a mount more suitable for matoran. The Ko-strich, with it’s powerful legs and aerodynamic build making it a fast and agile runner.

Despite not being able to fly like other bird-rahi, It fills the Le-matoran mount niche of land-runners.

With the right training and proper care, the Ko-strich is a loyal mount. It uses it’s small wing-claws to dig through ice and stone for smaller bug-rahi to eat.

It’s back can be mounted via a saddle, allowing matoran to hold on tight and secure their legs, though some more daring Le-matoran customers have chosen to ride and race them “bareback” with only a simple reigns.

Having just made a new order for his acquaintance and once fellow student Vhisola(being on of the few rumored Ko-matoran allowed to study in Ga-Metru, where he gained his knowledge of rahi.), the Ga-matoran is now prepared to better track down her teacher (and crush?), Toa Nokama.

I hope you enjoy. Had a lot of fun building this. Tried to make a story as in line with the lore as I could.


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glad to see what you’ve made out of those takanuva parts!

The moc looks pretty good, and the lore is pretty cool too.

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Mighty thanks. Once I make a Metru-style Kongu, I wanna have him riding it.

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Ah now that would be good. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

ooooo very nice!

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This looks a lot like something you’d see in the Bionicle .com gallery of olden times
nice moc!

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