Mayple's Meh Mods

Welcome good people of TTV to yet another mod showcase! This one will be featuring all my G2 bionicle mods so far, so yes, 2015 and 2016 will both be here. Now here’s how this is going to work, I’m going to have two types of “showcases”. One will be for sets I only modded a little, which will be pure text, and the other will be three pictures, showing a side, front and back view of the sets. Any sets I didn’t mod, will be crossed off. If you want to see the sets I didn’t post pictures of, feel free to ask, and I’ll add them to the topic.
OK! Starting off with… The winter wave of 2015






<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/7/0/7061b2e58d8f17a1ea65388a14fc45c96ec53a5c.jpg"width=“187.5” height=“250”>

<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/7/2/72e0c6fb339c23829c4e03240642a38360c5c3b0.jpg"width=“187.5” height=“250”>




Tahu: Gave him Gali’s gearbox

Kopaka: Smooth chest piece in silver


Next up, the Skull Army… which I’ve technically already made a topic for, but I gave them more upgrades and want everything to stay in one place
Ok! Next up, The Skull Army! Starting with…

Skull Warrior

Skull Slicer:

Skull Basher:

Skull Scorpio

Skull Grinder:




Akida: Gave her a longer tail… That’s it.

Ikir: Put trans red shells over the open ball joints








Kopaka and Mellum unity:


Basher and Grinder…

Oh my gosh, they’re shmexy!

Everyone else is…alright. Except a few. I think Korgot’s claw hand is a little overkill and unnecessary

Izotor doesn’t look much different to me.

Narmoto looks better, maybe, but he’s a little squat and chubby whereas I’ve seen him as the biggest and strongest of the Protectors.

Pohatu’s shoulders look too close together and the shoulder armor is awkward, as is the lack of one armor piece on his upper arm.

Warrior’s leg design is all kinds of odd, and his toes I don’t think look good pointing backward. (Nice ice arm, though, and the spikes).

I guess Slicer is okay.Maybe get rid of the front Spider legs.

Basher, Scorpio, and Grinder I want…

Terak looks fine.

Gali has toes?

Umarak is posed kinda awkwardly.

Melum looks cool, and Kopaka looks better, but maybe fix the gold issue.

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Some of these look pretty good. Though I highly recommend describing what mods you made cuz it’s not super clear sometimes. Also, I suggest working on the formatting a bit to make all those photos easier to scroll through. =)

Nice alliteration in the title. :wink:

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I shall get to that right now! How would you recommend I format it?

Put a line between all the titles and all the pictures to space them out more. Put the charaster names in bold. Separate each MOC/section with a dividing line. It’ll make the topic look infinitely more attractive.

Formatted it a bit, and you’re right, it looks a lot better!

It’s like a smaller version of onua’s shovels

this is tru

All I did was slim down his shoulders a bit, so I dunno.

OK I ACTUALLY HAVE A REASON FOR THIS! In my lil headcanon, Pohatu’s fall hurt a bit more than the others. So he lost both his lower legs and his arm. Everything else was left damaged and fractured.

Another reason for this. She’s a female hunter known as Astalia and is basically Umarak’s assistant. Buuut I probably will change her again.

I dunno which legs you’re talking about, but after 15 minutes of experimentation, I have discovered that without any of the legs, he looks really freakin awkward.

These guys were some serious projects, but I’m glad you like them!

Just gave him pecs and longer limbs. and terak is the best set ever imo

Not anymore!

I’ll take more pictures later, but I see what you mean.

Until I get another gali and creature of water, the gold is going to have to stay, seeing as their unity looks weird without it


@Mayple, happy to help! I recommend playing around more with spaces and dividing lines in the future. Also, if you have any more questions in the future, message me and/or check this topic:


These look nice. They’re different and have a lot of diversity and a little bit of weirdness to them (in a good way). Melum is probably my favorite, though. His colorscheme is much better, and he looks just stunning with those new arms. The only thing I would change is the silver unity piece. Once you get more parts, I would recommend doing that. :wink:

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Very nice!

Was kind of expecting more updates to some of these. 2016 Kopaka especially still suffer from much the same issues as before mostly relating to the arms

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Heh, the title’s called “Meh Mods” for a reason. Some of these are pretty small, and I am still updating them. But yeah, I’ll keep that in mind when I bring Kopaka back to the workshop.

-Will update with all the new mods once I get my hands on Pohatu, Ketar, Lewa and Uxar-


(Pls don’t flag for double post, as this is two months later and an update)
Sorry for the century long wait! I finally got around to taking some god awful pictures after procrastinating for an eternity
So, I updated the roster with
Skull Warrior
Skull Scorpio
Skull Slicer
and Mellum

Thoughts on the changes/new additions?