Mayple's Skull Villain Extravaganza!

Well, this is it! My first topic on the message boards! Now, I know the Skull Villains are kind of old news at this point, and that many people have done this, but do I care? Nope not really. By this I mean Spooky Scary Revamps of all five of the Skull Villains to make them something that may actually be a threat to all six toa at once, as shown in the animations. So, before any adieus are furthered, here we go!
So I'm going to do these in order of how they were encountered in the animations
Starting off with Skull Warrior (Sorry my pictures are so bad. I'm not quite used to this new camera and I wanted to get these out asap)

Here he is! I didn't change too much about him, but that's really because he didn't need it. After defeating these horrible foes the toa encoutered...

Skull Slicer! My second favorite of these guys, just because of the beautiful function of being able to store his top two arms and weapons. (Picture shall be down below). All in all, I just wanted to make a more roguelike Skull Slicer and spread out his proportions a little better. But after Onua hit the lever, the toa encouter their next enemy...

Skull Scorpio! OK this guy was a lot of fun to build, and he's freakin' huge! Add that to a full articulated tail, some bigger arms and MOVING LEGS and you have yourself Scorpio! But that's not it... You see

THIS version of Skull Basher didn't go down without a fight! This one took that elemental blast like a champion and kept on swinging! This one... only exists in my dreams... Anyway, he's probably my favorite due to my obsession with bulky forearms, his function, his digitgrade legs and PAULDRONS. Plus who needs axes with claws like those?
But finally, after much combat and unity, the toa come across their strongest foe yet... Meet

The Skull Grinder. Now this one is about a gali and a half tall, and has full weapon storage, as well as slightly better proportions! He's the most basic, but he actually turned out fairly well!
Finally, a nice group shot

Yeah... Skull Warrior is being neglected... as usual...
But yes! These were my skull villain edits! What did you think of them? All criticism is greatly appreciated!
(Better pictures will come out if you guys and gals want to see them)


Great revamps, and welcome to the boards (even though I myself have only been here for a couple of weeks). The skull villains may be old news, but these each bring something new to the table.
Hope to see more from you in the future!


no trans-orange 0/10


There was originally... Then I started working on Kulta. There were no survivors.

Ah thanks dude! Yeah, the community here is fantastic, I plan on staying here for quite a while


they look


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not gonna lie, these guys do a good job of looking undead, unlike other revamps I've seen


Best revamps of these set's that I've seen...

...And this is precisely why. Great work!


What the Toa see

What song plays in the background

Back on topic, these guys look glorious. Can I buy them? :grin:


No words can describe.

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I don't really have the time to review all of them, but these are really good. Nice work dude/lady.

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These do a very good job of keeping the undead look, though I kinda miss the trans orange as it helped make the Skull Villains have somewhat of a link with Skull Grinder.

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I really like how you were able to incorporate a lanky skeletal look for most of them.

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Oh geez I haven't been on my laptop for a few days... RESPONSE TIME!

Thank yeh kindleh sire!

Ha yeah, that was my intention. Although I do like the look of the interpretations of their living forms

You have great taste in music

Well either they're breathtakingly horrible or fantastic, but either one would be an accomplishment, so thank you!

Check your privilege. I am a polykin genderqueer

That was on the original versions to some degree, but then I got crackin on Grinder... and yeah

Lanky is my aesthetic



I'm not a fan of the removal of the Trans-Orange, and Scorpio's legs look eh, but these are actually really cool looking! I love how they are all almost the same height, these are so well done! Great job, these are Fantasti-cool™! :smile:

Nice work everything looks really threatening

@Mayple Why, thank you :blush:

Simply glorious.

I like them, but they seem a little tall and thin. I actually liked the trans-orange to unify the team. But otherwise, they're really good! The scorpio is of course the best revamp.

Huh, people actually like the trans orange? I may have to add that in somehow. (I'll prob do another photoshoot soon of these guys)

And as for the tall and thin, the tall part was to make them, well, bigger than the toa while their skinniness is because they're dead... so yeah, there's my explanation for that.

(thanks for all the comments guys, its pretty cool to see people actually like them)

I actually like them better w/o trans orange..

so yea, mixed results :no_mouth: