McArthy Snowmobile

Franklin McArthy is an inventor, a character I made and my “sigfig”. And when you are a rich inventor, how else do you want to get around in the winter than a snowmobile-tank thing. You can turn the skis in the front to steer, and you can shoot stud shooters. (yay)

When the reindeer are tired and the sleigh is down, Santa has his alternatives.

Happy Holidays!


Why would Santa need shooters?:worried:


Naughty listers. The vehicle is intended for Franklin, but I put Santa in there just for fun.


Pretty cool. Reminds me of Alpha Team.

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I like this hybrid vehicle. It sorta reminds me of some of the hybrid vehicle prototypes from WW2.

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The unorthodox shape of this is so appealing, as is the choice of a dark blue and keetorange color scheme.

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