Mccree vs Everyone: High Noon

This is a little short I made. Mccree takes on literally everyone with his Ultimate.

Hope you enjoy, and tell me what you think! Should I call this Legoverwatch?:joy:


Yeah, you should.

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it is alright
but it is missing the crucial part of Mc'cree using deadeye
it would've been neat to see the channelling of it as well
but I love the Mc'cree minifig

it would also be nice to see more of these, you could also try to make battles if you want a challenge

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I knew this was coming. Simply put, I don't exactly know how to do so without being copyright striked. Also I hate to do my own voiceovers unless I have to. That being said, I definately wish I could have included that.

I don't currently have a full-fledged battle, but I'm working on something for Reaper, if you want to see that. Anyway, thanks for the comment!

This is pretty well done. The animation seems nice so far but it's a little hard to tell because it's so short. Overall pretty good.

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I'm getting horrible flashbacks...

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