Me. In BIONICLE form. (Not a self-MOC tho, just human)

I’ve switched to a better back of the head thing.

I’ve also changed his lower legs around to give him better articulation.


Edited title for shorter detail -square
This is an odd translation, not very much human components exposed beside the head and being bipedal.


So you cosplaying a bionicle? I suppose for what it is (or at least what I think it is) it’s passable. The human parts could be better highlighted with maybe some flesh tone on the body too. The head is interesting though rather than cosplay it looks like a megazord / super robot head (top jaw as helmet, etc)

All in all it looks good though could use some refining.


You guys ever seen Shadowgear6335’s video entitled “Animation Frustration”? That’s where I got the idea.


Man… I like this moc, but change the Rahkshi head, it destroy the color scheme!

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Nice not self MOC.

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I guess everyone has to have hair that matches the color of their clothes now :stuck_out_tongue:

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That is one weird haircut…

@Toa_Vladin It’s my hair.

@Drahcir_Nosnevets I couldn’t really make my real hairstyle with bonkle. _(^ ^)_/

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I thought that it was supposed to represent a ballcap or a bike helmet :stuck_out_tongue:

I know. Ha ha! I just make a joke!
It do not want to upset you…:disappointed_relieved:

No worries

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