Meaning of the name of the Rahi "troller" (the worm)?

Hi Greg. What was meant by the term “troller” for the giant wormlike Rahi? I mean, what is it in reference to about the creature? I assume that it has nothing to do with the internet act of “trolling” that we see today, or trolls in mythology either, but is it meant to be the term “troller” that’s a synonom of “trawler” - the fishing thing? If not, what is it? I need it because I am making a Danish BIONICLE Wiki and is translating a lot of terms, so the meaning or context or whatever … of many of these words is important to that work. Or was it just a cool-sounding name/word to you and that’s that?


The troller was originally created for the second BIONICLE movie, but didn’t make it into the finished film, so I did not give it that name.


Is there some good way of getting in touch with any of the other old story team members, like Bob or Faber (I know Faber’s got a public email somewhere online, but he’s rather busy it seems)? Or should I be emailing Creative Capers instead, you think?

No idea, I’m not in touch with any of those people.

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